Some thoughts on Magic Mike

I feel I ought to preface this post by saying I’m about to objectify men, in the same manner they often objectify women. So if this sort of thing offends you, or if you find it silly or shallow, I’d highly recommend you find something else to read for the next few minutes.


Channing Tatum said in an interview some time ago that he wanted to make a film based on his experiences as a male stripper. Apparently in his new film, Magic Mike, he got his wish.

I’m female. I have a pulse. As such, I find Channing Tatum on the upper end of the attractiveness scale, although not quite at the top (the top is reserved for nerdboys and men with delicious accents, like Michael Fassbender). I work with a bunch of women. They also have pulses. As such, they also find Channing Tatum at the upper end of the attractiveness scale.

We fully intend to attend a screening of Mike. I’m practically drooling in anticipation.

A few observations:

  • This may very well be Matthew McConaughey’s perfect role. I thought nothing could surpass his performance as Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. Without even having seen the film, I know I’m wrong, just from his refusal to wear a shirt for the better part of the last god knows how many years.
  • MATT BOMER. I loved you as Bryce Larkin on Chuck, even as you screwed your best friend over and tried to steal the love of his life from him. You wear a suit so damn well on White Collar. I’m sure I’ll love you in this movie as well.
  • I demand the camp and lewdness of Showgirls from Magic Mike. However, as this film is directed by Steven Soderberg, and he has yet to remove his name from the film (like Paul Verhoeven did with Showgirls) I’m guessing the movie may not deliver.
  • As the movie is directed by Steven Soderberg, I expect the movie may actually be halfway decent.
  • I’m not usually a fan of overly muscled men. So much meat is really not all that attractive. Then I saw Joe Manganiello’s abs.

I am now a fan.

Go ahead. You have my permission to swoon.

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Magic Mike

  1. Okay, I gotta say this, too. A couple of times I’ve had pix of Joey M come through my FB stream (perhaps b/c I ‘Like’ True Blood), and when I’ve shared them, those pix get more comments and likes than anything else I post. And at least once he had a shirt on!

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