Rather than being all negative…

I had an idea in mind, when I logged on to WordPress today, that I’d sound off on the changes they’ve been making and just how completely shitty they are. They really are. WordPress is becoming the new Facebook, it seems, unveiling new features and switching things around that, to the programmers minds, probably make it look way more awesome but ultimately has the users throwing their hands up in frustration.

Then Rebecca posted about things to be grateful for, and frankly, that sounded like a better idea all around.


I have the world’s most awesome BF. Seriously. If there were an award for awesomeness, he’d get it. He doesn’t understand half the stuff I write about, or even why I write about it, but he listens to me anyway and finds it amusing when I announce in the middle of dinner in a crowded restaurant that I need to kill more people. Also, he brings me bacon, cooked just the way I like it: almost burnt.

Then we have Noisy Shadow, AKA Demeter. She’s been a bit of a pest since I had to have my other cat, Zen, put to sleep about two months ago, but she makes up for it by being the most insane (and adorable) cat ever.

I have a giant pile of library books to read.

The sun is out, and the weatherman, bless his heart, is proclaiming the temperature will rise above 70 degrees today. This is a magical feat not to be taken for granted in the lovely Pacific Northwest.

I have a job. A job that I don’t necessarily like, but go to every day anyway, and somehow, my coworkers make up for the fact that we’re stuck inside, and we talk about shoes and jeans and the fact that JP Morgan posted a 2 billion dollar loss.

Did I mention the stack of library books?

Also my parents, who will have been married for 42 years this coming week, and the fact that even though tomorrow is Mother’s Day my mother said to not bother about coming over because she’s got too much to do, but she’ll switch her opera night from a Wednesday to a Saturday just because I tell her I’d like to go, too. (That sentence makes very little sense. Oh well.)

My never ending and occasionally twisted imagination. I’ve been paranoid, since I began writing in earnest, that I’d run out of ideas for new stories. That has yet to be proven true, and I’ll never take it for granted. It could always happen. For now, I’m taking advantage of the deluge of ideas and jumping into a number of new projects. Screw editing. I can always edit when I’ve got writer’s block.

Finally, despite the sunshine, I’m taking myself off to join a group of girlfriends in going to see The Avengers, which is really just an excuse for me to ogle Jeremy Renner and indulge in some squealy Joss Whedon fangirlness. They understand. They’ll be drooling over Thor.

5 thoughts on “Rather than being all negative…

    1. Zen was. Demeter’s actually black, the picture just isn’t all that great. It’s the only one of her I’ve got on my computer at the moment.

      1. Ahhh. You see I have a little girl cat who is gray and she looks just like Demeter! They have the same face! Soooo cute.

  1. Hope you loved The Avengers, you squealy-fan-girl you. And I hope you spend all afternoon reading in the sunshine. Now I’m off to uncheck the newly defaulted “Notify me of follow-up comments…” box.

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