Please don’t hold it against me…

D’ya miss me? I’ll bet you did. Go on. Admit it.


Taking a break from all things writing ended up not being much of a break from all things writing. Truth be told, I feel I accomplished more in the last couple of weeks, writing wise, than I have in some time. Not only did I finish editing Vanishing (FINALLY!) and send it off to a few readers, I re-wrote not one, but two synopses. I re-wrote a few blurbs. I sent out a few query letters. And I broke down and started sketching in scenes for several new projects, all of which excite me.

You’d think I’d be worn out. Not really. Well, except in one small way, possibly, and I’ve been doing my best to rectify this situation.

See, my job necessitates I spend much of the day staring at a computer screen. When you spend that much time not blinking, and being frustrated by technology and the general incompetence of the population at large, you make mistakes. Small ones, big ones, maybe a few medium sized ones.

It’s the small ones that have me smacking my head. I’m talking about typos.

With the advent of spell-checker, I rarely misspell anything any more. That doesn’t hold true for words that are incorrectly used but not misspelled. Which is why I sent off a query letter with a typo in it earlier today. Not a misspelled word in sight, but a misused one. Yeah. Um. Oops.

So to the agent who received the query, should you happen to read this post, my apologies, and I’ve learned my lesson: I should write my query letters in the morning, when I’m not bleary-eyed and cranky.

(And if you didn’t notice the typo in the first place, well, hey, at least I’m honest!)

Or I should stop making excuses and triple check everything in paranoia before I send it off.

The sloppiness, I know, comes from a year’s worth of job hunting without any nibbles. As much as I would love to have a new job (despite some changes that are actually quite interesting in my current job) I find myself doing slap-dash jobs of cover letters to send out for jobs that, even though I’m under, over, or just right qualified for, I do little more than a cursory check for spelling and grammar and send it on its merry way.

This is not a good thing. This is a terrible thing. This is the thing that will not land me a new job, or an agent, or anything even remotely shiny and new.

This is where I SWEAR, for about the tenth time, I’m going to limit myself to an hour on the computer when I get home from work, or less, especially if I’m not working on any sort of project. This is where I remind myself I only need to do a quick search of job postings, and maybe finish up the scene I started writing on my lunch break, and then head to the gym. Or my couch. Or the kitchen, to make dinner so the BF won’t complain when he gets home at 9:30pm and finds there’s no dinner.

This is also about the time I stop berating myself for it and say you know what? Shit happens. Whatever. On to the next thing. Whatever it is.

The next thing, in this case, happens to be cuddling with my very annoying, noisy shadow-cat (she’s taken to following the BF around the house in the mornings) and finishing off my library book so they’ll stop sending me due date notices.

5 thoughts on “Please don’t hold it against me…

  1. Don’t feel bad girlfriend. I sent out three query letters yesterday before I realized I dated them all February 26, 2012 (February vs. April???). And I triple checked everything! Except the date…until I was on my fourth query. P.S. Vanishing will be this weekends project. P.P.S. Have you checked out Queary Tracker yet? It’s a must.

    1. I have tried Query Tracker. I ended up creating a spreadsheet instead to keep track of my queries, because I can’t remember how to enter them on the damn website. I wish it had a search feature where you could weed out the giant agencies and only look at the small ones.

  2. I missed you, honey, really I did, although you’ve been with me every day when I think, “Oh, I’m supposed to get Amanda some comments…”.

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