An update…and a break

A few things have happened of late:

  • The judging for the “Liz Norris Pay It Forward Contest” is underway. Over on Janet Reid’s blog, she’s been posting updates, and the one where she mentions that not one of the entries would have been relegated to the slush pile made me feel a teensy bit better about the quality of my work. Granted, my manuscript is lumped in with the 409 other entries sharing the praise, and I recently found a few typos (trying not to cringe too hard here), but hey, I’ll take my praise any way I can get it.
  • Black Opal Books is looking for the next “undiscovered gem”. Deadline is April 30th. I’m alternating between frantically editing A Lesson in Vanishing with the thought that I’ll submit it and wanting to throw my hands in the air and say “fuck it”. I hate editing, but for some reason I’m finding this round particularly aggravating and downright boring. Many thanks to Liv Rancourt for letting me know about the contest in the first place!
  • The finalists were announced for the 2012 Golden Hearts. I wasn’t one of them, and frankly, I’m not surprised, or even all that disappointed. Having gone through Shadowdemon a second time and incorporating feedback I got from my beta readers, I feel like it’s a better story now than it was when I submitted it in November.
  • The song of the day is “One More Time” by Daft Punk, because the guys at my local Jimmy John’s were dancing around in the food prep area while it was playing over the sound system. Need some amusement with your lunch? Head to Jimmy John’s!
  • I had my first rejection! Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence imprint has decided to pass on Not About Love, which, again, was no surprise. Pretty much the only parameter it met from their posted guidelines was the word count. They have forwarded it to the main line for their review, as I requested. That was about two weeks ago, I imagine it’ll probably be another month or longer before I hear a final result. Why is this exciting? Because it means I’ve arrived, baby! It’s the first acknowledgement of any kind I’ve had from someone connected with the professional realm of writing (well, other than at writers conferences. Which totally counts, but in a different way). I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune when I hit rejection # 68, but for the time being, whatever. It’s so cool!

I’m also going to be taking a break from blogging, and writing in general, for the next few weeks. I’m bored. Really, really bored. I’m not working on a new project, my old projects are all alternating between mocking me and crying “Edit me!”, and I’ve been neglecting my physical health for far too long and need to stop spending so much of my afternoons and evenings chained to my laptop. So I’ll be spending that time in the gym (provided it stops raining, because I have to walk a half a mile to get to the gym). I have a few things I’m not going to be able to put aside (finishing editing Vanishing, plus making a few changes to War Heroes and re-writing the synopsis for Shadowdemon) but for the most part, I’ll be taking a good, long break from all things writing. I need it. Which means no more blog posts for a while. I’m anticipating doing my monthly book list post, but other than that, I’m goin’ quiet. If you are in need of blog reading, I highly suggest you peruse the blogs on my blog roll. Or watch episodes of The West Wing and remember when politics was full of suspense and intrigue and was not like having whiny toddlers throwing temper tantrums up on on the Hill.

So. There you have it. Hope y’all have a good month, and to paraphrase Lester Holt, I’ll see you at the end of the month, if not before.

4 thoughts on “An update…and a break

  1. Given the way you cranked out three or four big pieces in a row, I’m not surprised you’re feeling a little burned out. Maybe we can walk around Greenlake or something and talk about anything you want BESIDES writing.
    and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you with the Liz Norris deal…

    1. Yes! As soon as it stops raining! (Which will be in August, for like, two days.) If I finish Vanishing I’ll let you know before I send it in.

  2. I just wanted to let you know I picked you for the Lucky 7 award. I realize this is poor timing, since you’re taking a break, but I think it’s worth letting you know I’m interested to see your work anyway. So congrats!

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