Kreativ Blogger Award! Woohoo!

Many thanks to Ben of Story Multiverse for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! For a blogger, I’m surprisingly unconnected to the rest of the interwebs, but I think I can find six other blogs to nominate. Thanks, Ben! It was very sweet of you to nominate me. And be sure to check out his blog, because, as I’ve discovered, it’s pretty awesome.

If I’ve nominated you, spread the love and nominate six other blogs you feel are the most awesomely creative blogs in the world (well, maybe not quite that effusive. But you get the idea). Then tell us 10 random tidbits about yourself. Read on for my nominees:

Heather Rae at In Search of Squid: Heather is a friend of a friend, who’s had an amazing blog for quite some time. She doesn’t know it, but I’ve been haunting her blog for a while now. Oops. I guess she knows now. Hi Heather! 🙂

Cary Graham at The Hack Novelist: As one of Hack’s Loyal Readers, I’ve been following his progress in his efforts to write, publish and market Remnant, his first novel. He just launched a new site, complete with a “Become a Hack” program. So if you’ve been sitting around twiddling your thumbs, thinking about writing a novel, sign up for the program and he’ll kick your arse into gear.

Leena and Bradley at Bye Bye Brooklyn: I’ve been indulging in some house-envy as these two have been remodeling a 130-year-old house in small-town Pennsylvania. I want to steal all their ideas.

Grace at Money Smart Fashion: I found this blog through Glamour’s Best Dressed Reader feature on their website almost two years ago. Grace has been dishing out advice for years on how to keep your wardrobe under control, as well as handy tips for managing your finances, your debt, and fun DIY projects. This would be another example of “I’m haunting your blog without commenting.” 🙂

And of course, there are my fellow WOTS writers, Liv Rancourt and Shannon O’Brien, two lovely ladies with very different voices.

Be sure to check them out-they’re all worthy.

Now for the really hard part: 10 things about me.

1) I am a typical female, in that I have far too many pairs of shoes (according to the BF, at least). If they have at least three inch heels, are a bright, fun color, and/or are made by Seychelles, I must have them.

2) I am nine credits away from having a certificate in chemical dependency counseling. If I complete 100 hours of on-site training, I’ll be a licensed counselor.

3) I have no desire to become a counselor of any kind. In a somewhat misguided attempt to bolster my chances of getting into a graduate program for counseling, I took the classes (offered by Seattle Central Community College). I didn’t get into the graduate program, and then I discovered I have no business counseling others.

4) I once walked out of a job interview because the interviewer had spent an hour describing the job to me without asking a single question about how I would be the best candidate for the job.

5) In college, my roommate and I would go grocery shopping at Wegman’s, the world’s greatest grocery store. Our reward was a bulk bag of Sour Patch Kids. We’d get back to our apartment, unpack the groceries, and then sit on the living room floor and eat them-she’d eat the red ones, I’d eat the green ones, and we’d split the yellow and orange ones.

6) I “worked” as a DJ for about a year and a half. I use the term loosely, because I was rarely paid for it. It was, again, in college, and the student station only paid on school breaks. I had a blast most of the time and learned a bunch of stuff about broadcasting and audio production that I’ve mostly forgotten.

7) One of my cats is on Prozac. She’s decided she doesn’t need the fur on her tummy, so she’s been licking it off. The current theory is that she’s bored. I think it’s my fault-I haven’t been paying much attention to my pets of late.

8) I have IMDB in my head. I can remember the most random, mundane facts about movies, including some I haven’t seen. The most random fact I can remember has to do with the opening shot of Citizen Kane, where the camera is moving in through the window of the house and then all of a sudden you’re inside the snow globe. The shot wasn’t originally supposed to be that way. But Orwell flipped the film around so much it became degraded, making it unintentionally snowy, so he ended up giving us the inside of a snow globe (I know. I’m such a nerd.)

9) I cannot, however, do any math involving fractions without a calculator.

10) The weirdest place I ever came up with a story idea was on the drive home from Puyallup (a city south of Seattle). To get home, the highway comes down a hill and you’ve got this great distant shot of the city. It was dark, and the sky was overcast (as usual) and the ambient lights from the high rises turned the sky an icky brownish-red color. I started imagining what it would look like if it were on fire (the city, not the sky), and voila, Shadowdemon was born.

2 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award! Woohoo!

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Amanda! Such a pretty award…
    And, now, I have a question for you, movie nerd. What did you think of the cinematography in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? All the intense close-ups and weird ‘only one guy in focus’ shots reminded me of some of the more experimental films done in the ’70s. Or it could just reflect that I can count on one hand the number of movies I’ve been to in the last year. Or two years. What did you think?

  2. Honestly, I was more distracted by the fact that the movie wasn’t what I expected. And Tom Hardy’s lips, which were funny looking.

    I think, in the back of my mind, I knew it wasn’t a typical spy film. But I was still EXPECTING it to be a spy film, with chase scenes, explosions, and gun fights. We saw the trailer for Corialinus, though, which looks AMAZING and I’m so seeing it as soon as I can.

    If you want a film with cinematography that truly makes the film a work of art, you should see Mongol. The long shots make the warriors look like ants. It was incredible to look at (and the acting was pretty good, too.)

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