Here we go again!

“So this is the new year/I don’t feel any different…” -Death Cab for Cutie

It’s that time again, the time that rolls around every couple of years, full of temper tantrums, bragging, ego stroking, and name calling.

I’m talking about the election process. What else could it be?

Mitt Romney managed to eek out a win in Iowa, trumping Rick Santorum by only a few votes. If I had to pick between the top three finishers (Romney, Santorum, and Ron Paul) I’d probably go with Romney. Unlike some people, I don’t believe Mormanism is a cult. Santorum’s name has been too tarnished (Google it at your own risk. I mean it. It should still be one of the top results if you do a search. I managed to shock a friend of mine who had no clue about the campaign Dan Savage launched years ago against the man). Ron Paul…I’ve heard some good things about him in the past, but after reading Matt Taibbi’s argument against Paul, I’m inclined to vote against him. Plus, he’s old. Romney’s still young. Ish.

(I will point out that I am perfectly capable of making my own informed decisions, but Taibbi’s politics have a tendency to mirror my own, which is why I usually follow along his same line of thought.)

My sister recently got rid of her television. They simply didn’t watch TV anymore. With the majority of TV shows now available online, I’m inclined to do the same. That way I wouldn’t have to watch the campaign ads that will start flooding the airwaves shortly.

We’ll have Republicans picking at Obama. Or Republicans picking at Romney. Or Santorum. They probably won’t pick at Paul, but I don’t know that he’d have a lot of support. We’ll have Democrats being strangely quiet in their support of Obama, but will be very vocal in their attacks against the Republican candidate. We’ll have plenty of gaffs, some funny, some not, almost all of them egregious errors that will have the spin doctors whirling like tornadoes to control the damage. It’s not a campaign. It’s a comedy routine, one that gets old very, very quickly.

I remember hearing once that Canadians tend to not pay too much attention to politics, although in recent months or years they’ve changed their tune (can anyone confirm this? Bueller?) I’d follow their lead, except that whenever elections roll around, it’s so damn hard to do.

My new proposal is to let the country descend into anarchy. I think it would give the American people a whole new appreciation for politicians and the tiny amount of effort they exert to keep this country running. On an up note, every time an election year comes up, I get new fuel to add to the fire I’m trying to light under the BF to move to Canada. Or Ireland (although my mother did point out recently just how poorly they’re doing). Or Portland. Because Portland’s another country, right?

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