The hills are alive…

I have to tell you, I’m really looking forward to Christmas this weekend.

Not because of the presents, or the relaxing day I’ll spend sitting around with my parents, doing absolutely nothing. Not because there are likely to be carolers or cookies or neighbors dropping by (although all of those are a possibility. Except the caroling. No one carols in my parents neighborhood.)

I get to watch The Sound of Music.

Do, a deer, a female deer...

Some network, I think it’s NBC, broadcasts The Sound of Music every year on Christmas Day. And for the last couple of years, I’ve either been working the next morning, bright and early, or I’ve been studying for an exam, so I’ve missed out on the glorious musical that is Music.

I love musicals. My all-time favorite is Singin’ in the Rain (I’m harboring a secret hope that the BF finally picked up on all the extremely broad hints I’ve been dropping and bought it for me), and if it’s got Gene Kelly in it, I will watch it. An American in Paris, On the Town…yup, loved them.

I’ve seen Music many times. On stage, on video, and yes, on TV. It used to be like the Anne of Green Gables mini-series that PBS used to show during its pledge drive. Any time it was on, I’d plop myself in front of the TV and watch it (the Anne miniseries is another favorite of mine, even though it’s not a musical. Ask any girl about it and they’ll tell you they love it. LOVE it.) But I think the last time I was able to watch Music all the way through was over ten years ago. It was my senior year of high school, and I’d made plans with a couple of girlfriends to get together on one of our half-days and watch it, after, of course, having stopped at Jack in the Box for lunch. This was obviously back in the day when I didn’t care about the crap I ate. I haven’t had a Jack in the Box burger in quite some time…after a while, the primordial ooze it emerges from just grosses you out.

So there you have it, my grand plan for Christmas. I probably ought to tell the BF I’ll be spending Christmas evening sitting on the couch, singing along.

*image via Twentieth Century Fox

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