Music for the end of the world

Sticking with my apocalyptic theme, I was thinking of the wide variety of emo-riffic songs I could slot into a playlist that would get me in the mood to write about…well, impending doom. I could go with the obvious (REM’s “It’s the end of the world”) or the not so obvious (MONO and World’s End Girlfriend Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain, the only MONO album that I don’t like. But it fits.) Instead I think I’ll go with the stereotypical. Well, for me, anyway. If you listen to any of these songs and then compare them to any of the songs or albums listed in my previous music posts, you won’t be the least bit surprised.

“The Immigrant Song” Trent Reznor featuring Karen O – O.M.G. I LOVED this song. LOVEDLOVEDLOVEDLOVED it. I’ve been impatiently waiting for the full length single to be released so I can actually buy it, but I think I’ll have to wait a bit longer. Reznor, being the musical genius that he is, took the Led Zepplin classic (which I also love, but not as much as this version) and made it infinitely darker. It makes you want to do bad things in the middle of the night.

“Hands in the Sky (Big Shot)” Straylight Run – Occasionally I’ll put my player on shuffle and it’ll pull up a song I didn’t even know I had on there. This would be one of them. The militant marching drums that come in halfway through the song makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a dystopian movie.

“Stand Up” Flobots – So maybe it’s not really all that suited to the apocalypse. But the Flobot’s message, which would have rung out loud and clear in the aftermath of any disaster in which the government failed to take action, is worth listening to. Plus, they’re a hip-hop group with a violin player!

“When They Come For Me” Linkin Park – On an album that really seems to be all about the apocalypse, this song makes me feel like I should be sneaking through a dark, wet, jungle, hiding in the brush, watching as mercenaries rush past my hidey-hole, heart thumping loud enough to be heard three counties over.

“Welcome to Bangkok” Brand New – It’s an instrumental! I love this song. It’s perfect in so many ways…great for a fight scene, a montage in which the prisoner gets dragged away to the torture chamber, you name it, it would fit.

“Rabbit In Your Headlights” UNKLE featuring Thom York – Thom York makes everything sound better. It’s a quiet song, heavy on the piano chords, and then the techno beats come in and flips it upside down.

“Everlasting Light” MONO – This song, or “Halcyon (Beautiful Days)”, are the songs you’d hear at the end of the movie, or would be running through your head as you reach the end of the book. The sweeping, triumphant sound just sounds…right, demonstrating the resiliency of the human spirit and all that. The version of both songs I’m thinking of can be found on their live album, Holy Ground: NYC Live with the Wordless Music Orchestra.

*image Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501 via


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