A few quick notes

I thought I’d be a good little blogger and all around supportive person today and pass along two tidbits of information. First, many thanks to Liv Rancourt for drawing my attention to Savvy Author’s 25 word pitch contest. Yes, you have to make a pitch of 25 words or less. It’s intimidating, but the reward…the reward is more than worth it.

And over on The Hack Novelist, Hack has decided to release his novel, Remnant (formerly titled Dragonfly, which I personally think is a far more awesome title) piece by piece on his blog. He’s also decided to go the self-publishing route, and has set up a Kickstarter page, asking for pledges to help fund his endeavor. If you go to his blog, it will link you directly to his personal Kickstarter page (the link I included above is just to the general Kickstarter website, because work won’t let me access sites with streaming video.)

A NaNo update: I’ve stopped keeping track of the number of words. Suffice to say, it’s over 50,000 at this point. I’m on chapter 25 of a planned 30. And I’m still sort of sane.

Oh, and the song of the day is “Wonderful Love” by Creeper Lagoon, because a) it’s raining outside and the song makes me think of sunny beaches and b) it’s currently stuck in my head.

*image via Kickstarter.com

6 thoughts on “A few quick notes

    1. You should do it next year. It’s exhausting, but…I feel like I’ve learned a lot about a lot of different things. Writing, my characters, the story I’ve created…I doubt I would have gotten as much out of it as I have if I’d spaced it out rather than cramming it into a month.

      1. Argh, curse my inexact language! I meant the 25-word pitch count. I’m actually 36k into my NaNovel currently. But I hadn’t done it in a long time, and I totally agree with your comment!

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