My giant leap, and a NaNo update

It’s done.

I want to tear into Shadowdemon. I want to rip it apart and put it back together again. So far, I’ve had two and a half betas read it (the half comes from my co-worker, who isn’t quite finished with it yet).

I have to remind myself why I did this in the first place. When I came up with the brilliant idea to submit Shadodemon to the RWA’s Golden Heart Contest, it was simply because I need something to include in my author bio. I haven’t published a thing. No short stories, no poetry, certainly not a novel. My expectations were lower than low: I only wanted to get accepted.

Well, it’s been accepted as an official entry. I’ve accomplished my goal. Go me. And as tempting as it is to want to go back and revise the damn thing, I’m resisting, partly because I already spent a shit-ton of money printing out six copies of the first 50 pages. If they don’t like it enough to consider it a finalist (of which there will be 8 per category), well, bully for them.

Deep breath.

I’m putting it aside until after the first of the year. There’s a distinct possibility the three books may be combined into one larger book. This is not preferable, but it may be what’s best for the story. And now I’m going to stop thinking about it and go to the post office.

Quick update on NaNo before I sneak away from my desk. So far I’ve completed four chapters and hit 10,000 words already. By NaNo standards, I’m a fifth of the way done. By mine, I’m only about a ninth. I’ve got 30 chapters planned, and my goal this time around is to hit a word count of between 75,000 and 90,000 words. Word count aside, though, the story sucks. I love the story itself. I do not love the way it’s been going. Remy’s still far too quiet, except when she’s angry.

I think the problem stems from my decision to switch from first person to third person. I wanted to include multiple view points, and I didn’t want to give myself a headache by writing in first person from multiple viewpoints, having to include some stupid note at the beginning of each new scene or chapter as to who’s thoughts you were hearing. This means, though, that while Audrey’s voice rang loud and clear (and incredibly snarky), Remy’s is not.

It may also be because Remy is far more mature than I am. After all, I’m 30 going on 12.

So. NaNo: word count is up, general story sucks, and I’m still (mostly) sane.

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