Pushing the limits of sanity

I did it.

I caved to peer pressure and signed up for NaNo. Next month, I will attempt to complete a 50,000 plus word novel in 30 days. You’d think this wouldn’t be difficult. It only took me three weeks to write Shadowfighter. I’ve got a story idea to use. I’ve outlined my characters. I’ve written my synopsis. I’ll be doing my chapter-by-chapter synopsis next. The BF is on board, armed with plenty of encouragement (and wine). Final edits for the Shadowdemon trilogy should be complete by next weekend, so I won’t have that project hanging over my head.


I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge. The reason is two-fold: I want it to be longer than 50,000 words (I’m aiming for 70 or 80 thousand) and…this is going to sound a little nuts, but I can’t hear the main character’s voice yet.

No, I don’t regularly hear voices. Trust me on this.

Part of what drove me to complete a 150,000 plus word trilogy in under 3 months was that Audrey (the main character) WOULD NOT SHUT UP. I’d sit down to read a book, or get ready to go to the gym, or hell, even make dinner, and she’d be like, “Dude. Get back in front of your computer. I’m still talking here!”

Remy, on the other hand, has been pretty quiet. Maybe this is because Audrey is so damn loud, or maybe it’s just who Remy is. But what I’m most afraid of is that she’s still evolving.

To an extent, this is fine. The character, I think, should continue to evolve over the course of the story. But I should have some semblance of who she is by now, and I don’t. Not really. I’m hoping this will change as I start writing the story, start writing the dialogue and the other interactions she has.

Complicating matters is that a big part of the story is a mystery, and I’ve never written a mystery before. I love mysteries, the more complex the better. LA Confidential was so twisty, I still find pieces I missed before, and I’ve read the book a couple of times. Now, this will be a paranormal book, so it’s not going to be that complex, but I still want to tax the brain. At least a little bit.

I’ve still got a week before I have to start panicking. In the meantime, I’ll panic over something else: Shadowdemon (book 1, not the trilogy) has been accepted as an official entry for the 2012 Golden Heart Award, sponsored by the Romance Writer’s of America. This contest has “potential” stamped all over it; a number of the manuscripts submitted end up getting sold, even if they aren’t named a finalist. I’m trying not to tear the book apart too much, because I’m already pushing the limits of sanity.

Deep breath.

Time to jump in head first. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any rocks on the bottom.

*image via thewritertype.blogspot.com

2 thoughts on “Pushing the limits of sanity

    1. Do it! You totally should. You might be missing some hair in the end, and you’ll probably never want to look at your computer again, but it’d be good for you 🙂

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