political shenanigans and the birth control debate

(if you’re prickly about the subject of abortion, religion, or birth control, i STRONGLY recommend you navigate away from this post. otherwise, read on.)

i firmly believe that NPR makes you smarter. so there i was, on my commute to work, improving my IQ by listening to morning edition. as a result, my ears were treated to a piece on birth control being considered as preventive medicine.

i’m all for birth control. as someone who has absolutely no desire to have children, even though i’m in a secure, stable, and loving relationship, i thank my lucky stars every day that someone had the foresight to invent the condom. and birth control pills. and the IUD. and all the other little things that make it possible for me to not spawn a new creature.

apparently, the conservatives don’t agree.

they think that:

  • increased funding for family planning raises the number of abortions (according to planned parenthood, it doesn’t)
  • preventing unwanted pregnancy is preventing an entire generation of children from being born
  • birth control is an affront to god (according to monty python, that’s only true if you’re catholic)

the other part of the story that i found both hilarious and highly insulting was a sound bite of a debate on a talk show between two pundits. they were debating funding for family planning versus viagra. pundit one, who was male, said that funding for viagra was legitimate because it was a “medical condition.” my jaw just about dropped when i heard that. impotence is a medical condition? sure. but i really don’t think my tax dollars need to be funding some 80 year old’s woody.

they might dance around it, but i feel like this all comes down to religion. despite claiming the separation of church and state, this country is run by men of faith. some have stronger faith than others, but it’s inevitably a question that pops up every election, and it sickens me. i don’t want someone making a decision based on what a religious verse tells them is right. i don’t want some politician arbitrarily deciding that i shouldn’t have access to low cost birth control (such as the kind provided by planned parenthood) because it would prevent me from having a child. this goes against my sole purpose in life, to have a child. or ten. to populate the world until we’re stacked one on top of the other.

sex is fun. it’s a lot of fun. i believe in having fun, responsible sex. to that end, i use birth control because i’m not about to let some religious zealot tell me that i should abstain because i have no desire to have a child (oh, and that i’m not married. but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms).

what i find interesting is that these conservatives are often times (not always, but often) the ones who make the loudest fuss over countries that have an official religion, particularly islamic-led countries. they like to point out that there is no official religion in the US, that the church or the torah or the qur’an has no say in how our country is run. do they not realize that with their bible-thumping they’re drawing our government closer and closer to that line, where yes, the pastor of the mega church in texas really will be able to influence how our country is run?

except that…i think they already do. *insert shudder of horror here*

i seriously need to move to canada. their god is hockey. i can deal with that.

*image via NPR

2 thoughts on “political shenanigans and the birth control debate

  1. I though the conservatives were against abortions, not birth control. I have’s heard and politician oppose any of the birth control methods you mentioned. Then again I am probably wrong and you will post a link on you blog to a reputable quote that states otherwise.

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