i do believe my mind has been blown

i’ve always been fascinated by dance. the awe inspiring and incredible ways that people can bend and move their bodies, to tell a story, to convey an emotion, and all without words…it’s amazing.

i’ve seen pretty much every dance movie made in the last ten years (and yes, i LOVE the step up movies. they always get the best dancers) and it’s pretty safe to assume i’m a fan of so you think you can dance. i still mourn alex freakin’ wong’s season ending injury from last year. the show has always had some highly emotional performances, but none so much as alex’s performance of a sonya tayeh routine to jeff buckley’s “hallelujah”. the piece had me bawling, and that’s pretty damn hard to do. alex, if you happen to catch this, pretty please audition for PNB? if you join the company, i promise to become a season ticket holder!

i’ve got to thank SYTYCD for bringing to my attention a web show that i probably would have otherwise missed. and it’d be a shame. the legion of extraordinary dancers are, in a word, extraordinary. their recent performance on SYTYCD blew my mind. seriously. it frickin’ BLEW MY MIND.

combining hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, popping, krumping, everything under the sun, it seems, they know no bounds. and they are fearless. that performance i saw? flips, leaps, spins, all taking place several feet off the ground. no wires. no supports. no special effects. hell, they WERE the special effects. i wanted to watch it again. and again. and again.

so. the legion of extraordinary dancers. here they are, in all their death-defying glory:

and because i love alex freakin’ wong so much, here’s his jeff buckley routine:

want to see more LXD? visit their site, view their webisodes, and marvel in the glory that is dance by clicking here.

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