things are gonna change, i can feel it…

What new thing will you try this month?

another month, another reverb creative prompt. i guess, it being 2011, i ought to stop calling it #reverb10 because it’s actually #reverb11.

on to the prompt. i have this picture of little stewie, from family guy, standing in the wreckage of his house proclaiming in his slight british accent, “i don’t like change!” (and i never could understand, why does the rest of his family sound all nasal-y and he just sounds snooty? actually, i think i just answered my own question. he’s stewie. he’s a baby who wants to take over the world. of course he’s going to sound snooty.)

i don’t know that i ever really consciously thought, “i like change! i can handle change! change works for me!” it just…happens. i don’t really actively seek it out, at least not in large doses (my experiment with attending college in small-town america 3,000 miles away proved that i don’t do well with monstrous change). i don’t really run from it either. so that leaves the question, what new thing will i try this month?

i’ve given some thought to sky-diving. i have a theory that jumping out of a plane will help me get over my fear of heights. unlike a lot of people, my fear of heights doesn’t encompass airplanes. i can get on a plane without a problem. i climbed up the side of a small mountain a few weeks ago and had no problem with it. i work on the 38th floor of a 40 floor building and don’t (usually) have any issues (except if i get too close to the windows and stand there for too long). but the thought of jumping out of the plane terrifies me, so i think i’ll probably leave that one be for now.

i’m contemplating getting a tattoo. but that wouldn’t count, because i already have two. it’s past snowboarding season, i don’t have the funds to visit a place i’ve never been, and ditto for finding the money to start irish step-dancing lessons or a hip hop dance class…this is much more difficult than i thought.

i want it to be something bigger than trying a new cupcake recipe (which i’m doing next weekend. yum!) something that would be on a life list, like tap-dancing across the brooklyn bridge (which was on lisa’s list). unfortunately for me, i have so little time to do anything other than work, edit, and read the occasional book or watch the occasional movie, that trying to fit in something new will quickly be relegated to the bottom of the to-do list.

i also don’t want to sit at my computer for the next 30 minutes, staring at the screen as i will it to write something FOR me when i’ve still got things to take care of before bedtime. i’m not going to come up with some exciting and fascinating new thing for me to try before the end of the month. it’s not that there aren’t things i want to do. or even new things i want to try. i just can’t think of them right now. and chances are, i probably won’t before the month is out.

so it looks like the new cupcake recipe will be it. bring on the mojito cupcakes!

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