ew, your name means what?!

there are a number of reasons that i love dan savage. his weekly stranger column, savage love, would be one of them. his book, skipping toward gommorah, would be another. a very big, very important reason would be the “it gets better project”, which he spearheaded after the senseless and painful suicides of a number of gay teens who had been bullied (those commercials make me teary-eyed every single time.)

but right now, the reason i love dan savage would be because of something he did back in 2003.

savage, who lives in seattle with his partner and adopted son, has long been an outspoken proponent of gay rights (yet another reason!) when then-senator rick santorum granted an interview to the associate press regarding a pending case before the US supreme court (lawrence v. texas). his comments inflamed a number of people, including some of his own party members and, of course, mr. savage. so he did what any other writer with a cult following would do: he wrote an op-ed piece. then he took it a step further and ran a contest: come up with an alternative, rather derogatory definition for the word “santorum”.

the winner was pretty disgusting (and i won’t repeat it here, but if you don’t already know, click here to be taken to spreadingsantorum.com). the site hasn’t been active for a while; the last blog post was last year sometime, when santorum voiced the probability that he’d throw his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination. but i imagine that it’ll be back at full speed sooner or later.

because, duhn duhn duhn, mr. santorum has announced he’s running for president! (cue applause)

the man, the myth, the legend

now, i don’t know about you, but i don’t particularly want a man of his values running my country. and dragging around the grossness that has become his name doesn’t really make him an all together appealing candidate if you look past his beliefs. but can we count him out? eh. i’m going to go out on a limb and say probably.

this is partly because of the number of people in the republican party who’ve said, hey, i wanna be president too!. and while there are some things about santorum that will definitely appeal to the ultra-conservatives in the party, i think that ultimately, there won’t be enough support because there’s just too many candidates to choose from, or one of the powers that be will gently take him aside and say, “hey, look buddy. you know we love you. and we’re behind you, 100 percent. but see, there’s the problem with your name and what that guy did to it. and, well, you understand that we just can’t have something like that be the face of our party right now. maybe next time, huh? but let’s step aside, like the graceful man that you are, and let one of the young guys have a run at it, okay? i promise, we’ve got your back for the next round.” (and then santorum nods like a puppet, but is secretly seething inside and plotting savage’s demise.)

to get link happy, click here for the wikipedia page on santorum (the definition, not the man), click here for dan savage’s weekly column, and click here for the it gets better project.

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