and now, for a steaming load of, well, you know…

i’ve long been fascinated by the conflict between the palestinians and the israelis. something about having your home yanked out from under you and given to someone who’s long been without one can pull you in both directions, until you’re uncertain who is right.

i read about half of a book about the conflict, called the fifty year’s war, several years ago. it being a library book, i had to return it before i could finish and always meant to check it out so i could finish. (note to self: finish the damn book!) what i remember thinking while reading it was that it was quite obvious what the root of the problem was between israel and palestine: the people in control, on both sides, had been around and had been fighting each other since the beginning. and without a change in leadership, without new blood from both sides that hasn’t already been indoctrined into thinking that the ultimate evil wears a yarmulke or keffiyeh, there is no hope that the two sides will be able to come to any sort of agreement.

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu

prime minister netanyahu gave a speech to congress today about making “painful compromises”. with this speech that was so infuriatingly accepted with over two dozen standing ovations (please excuse me while i gag), netanyahu has really conceded nothing. what he has done is served up a big load of horse shit.

i’m trying to remain calm and see both sides of the issue here. it’s understandable that after a millenia of persecution that there is a need and desire for a jewish homeland. and yes, israel has always been that place for them. and shame on the arabs for not coming to the table when asked to join in the negotiations; had they done so, this may have been avoided. but ever since the jewish majority took over the area, they’ve gone from being humble and thankful to being outright greedy and under-thumb squashing. not content with the land area they had, the israeli army fought to expand on it. and now, they’re taking their cue from the palestinians and refusing to negotiate so they can finally stop fighting. maybe they like it?

i for one am sick of this. we’ve been funding this problem for god knows how long and it’s time to stop. the israeli army is one of the fiercest and best trained in the world. in 2009 it received the lion’s share of its funding from the US (a whopping $2.55 billion in grants from the US department of defense). they don’t need our help any more, and but we keep sending them money anyway. and whenever they do something that even the US has to shake their head at, it’s just a finger shake and a “no, no, bad, don’t do that!”. seriously, when did our policy become let the baby win?

what’s curious is that this funding has bi-partisan support. a lot of our elected officials are all for continuing the funding to israel. what i don’t understand is why. are we afraid that, since israel has nuclear capabilities, they might point a rocket or two at us? are we afraid they might hijack our fleets in neighboring arab countries like yemen or bahrain? what? what is the point, and why can’t we break these ties? matt taibbi, could you please explain this to me?

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to work off some of this frustration with some crafting. and if you want, you can read the article that made me so angry by clicking here.

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One thought on “and now, for a steaming load of, well, you know…

  1. Close. What we are afraid of is that without Israel we will have no allies in the region any more and the Arabs will decide to concentrate on killing us instead.

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