41 years…

this blog posting is brought to you by the letter “S”, for sentimental.

i have the most awesome parents in the world. pretty sure a lot of kids feel that way about their parents, but mine truly take the cake. they’re supportive of every and anything i want to do, have never missed a school performance or event, and despite not being married ourselves, recognize the BF’s and my anniversary.

speaking of anniversaries…today is their 41st. yes. that’s right. 41 years married. and happily married. this is yet another reason my parents are the most awesome ones in the world. amongst my close friends, i can name…oh, three out of 10 whose parents are still married.

how the hell do they make it work? without having asked them (i could, but i like supposing) i’d guess it’s a combination of shared interests (gardening, travel, theatre) and separate activities (opera for my mom, basketball games and other sports stuff for my dad). they actually make time to do things together…i think it’s what others might call a “date”.

not too long ago, i actually told the BF i was re-instituting “date night”. since we moved in together, almost three years ago, our “date nights” have declined significantly. sure, we try to eat dinner at home together when we can (which is difficult, given our schedules) and we usually watch a movie every weekend, but we rarely actually go OUT and do something. it looks like i need to be paying closer attention to what my parents are doing. obviously, they’re doing something right. and frankly, i’d like to get to 41 years myself.

so. happy anniversary, mom and dad, and thanks for being the most fabulous awesome amazing parents EVER.

image via weheartit.com

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