go, bridgeport, go!

i broke out the happy dance again today, and not because they’ve confirmed the kill on bin laden. no, it was because of a little town east of the cascades and their equally tiny high school.

last year, the white house instituted the race for the top high school commencement challenge. each high school had to submit a video explaining why their school deserved a commencement address from the president, and what the school did and does to prepare them for life beyond high school. semi-finalists get to make a second video, with a snazzy videographer and producer. then the general public votes to determine the top three high schools, and the president chooses from those three.

ever heard of bridgeport, washington? me neither. but this little town, full of migrant and seasonal workers, somehow managed to convince the masses that they deserve a commencement address by president obama.

image via the seattle times

it might be because even though it’s rural and poor, it still manages to offer college level classes to anyone in the school who wants to take one. it might be because of the one on one academic help that’s offered to every student. or maybe it’s that a majority of these kids are the first in their families to graduate from high school. but it’s probably because every single student in the graduating class has been accepted to college. how many high schools can say that? mine certainly couldn’t.

bridgeport finds out later this week if they’re the lucky school who gets to host the president for the day. for those 37 seniors, i sincerely hope they’re the winners.

to see domestic policy director melody barns announce the three finalists, click here. and to read a lovely article about bridgeport high in the sunday edition of the seattle times, click here. warning: you may get a little misty-eyed. i did. and i’m not ashamed to admit it.

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