travelin’ songs

i hate driving. either all the other drivers on the road are incredibly stupid and won’t move out of my way, or they think i’m incredibly stupid and keep passing me. there is no harmony when it comes to the road.

so quite obviously i’m not a fan of road trips, but somehow i managed to end up on one anyway. and let me tell you, a five hour drive, all by yourself, is really really not fun. especially when you’ve got a little rental car that shakes when you hit 70 mph, gets really shitty gas mileage, and not only are you being passed by old beaters, but semis want you out of the way as well.

my solution was to crank up the stereo with a few really awesome albums:

image via interscope records

futures jimmy eat world – by far their best album, jimmy eat world is pretty emo-tastic. loaded with catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics, futures showed a huge amount of promise that just went pfft with their follow up album. standout tracks: “pain”, “nothingwrong”, and “night drive”.

black holes and revelations muse – absolution was a pretty kick-ass album. it made me think that whatever muse could come up with next wouldn’t be as good. i was wrong. revelations is even better. with songs that range from slinky (“supermassive black hole”) to slightly angry (“knights of cydonia”) there really isn’t a bad song on the album. standout tracks: “map of the problematique” and “assassin”.

image via island records

zooropa u2 – this is my favorite u2 album. the sound is like nothing they’ve done before or since, which is why it’s perfect for anyone who’s a little tired of the soaring anthems they’re inclined to record. they even got johnny cash to do guest vocals for one of the tracks! standout tracks: “stay” and “the wanderer” (featuring johnny cash).

“a speeding car” MONO – as much as i love MONO, their music isn’t really suited to road trips, which i sadly discovered on my drive back to philadelphia. the exception would be “a speeding car”, which sounds good no matter where you’re listening to it.

“hotel california” the eagles – you could go with the album version, but really, the one you need to listen to is the live version of of hell freezes over. even my lingering congestion stealing my singing voice from me didn’t deter me from singing along.

“battleflag” lo-fidelity all stars featuring pigeonhed – ever seen the movie coyote ugly? they used this song in one of the bar scenes where the girls are all dancing on top of the bar. it’s also on this really awesome compilation CD i made. it might have been recorded in the late ’90’s, but it still sounds good today.

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