now if only i had a hammock…

yeah, i WISH i had one of these...

i am officially on vacation, and so far it’s been pretty glorious. i arrived in philadelphia late evening on saturday, and so far i’ve done a sum total of nothing. yeah, it’s awesome. the weather is sunny, it’s actually warm…i stepped out the front door this afternoon and was so shocked to feel how warm it was outside i temporarily forgot what it was i was feeling. oh yes, that’s right. that would be spring.

but now i feel like it’s time to get down to business. my two goals for the week (because i’m incapable of going on vacation without having some sort of plan or goal in place) was to finish roberto bolano’s 2666, if only because it’s too big to actually lug around, and to get a lot of writing done. now i’m reaching the end of day 2, and tomorrow i head out to ithaca, and so far the reading and writing haven’t been happening a lot.

part of this is because i’ve been catering to my new nephew. little buddy has figured out that if he whoops and hollers while mom and dad are busy, auntie will take pity on him (or really, try and keep her head from exploding) by picking him up and walking him back and forth. we’ve tried rocking, bouncing, settling him in the swing…nope, he wants to be walked. so we walk back and forth, back and forth…that rut you see in the living room? all me.

i’ve been wanting to get some writing done for a while now. oddly enough, while i was drifting in and out of sleep during my recent bout with the flu, the beginning of yet another story decided to write itself in that dream state. then i get up and it’s gone. i tried to remember it, but last week wasn’t good either, so i haven’t really gotten any of it down. maybe after i take a walk in the wonderful 65 degree weather outside and hit up the grocery store to replenish the severe produce deficiency in my sister’s house i’ll do some more. or maybe i’ll just watch another episode of MI: 5.

but for now, it will have to wait, and really, i shouldn’t get too down on myself. the whole point of a vacation is to relax, if i remember correctly. so if i don’t succeed in getting anything done this week, i guess i shouldn’t mind too much.

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