my “master plan”

today didn’t start out all that great. i was late getting out of bed (and by “late” i mean 5:30 instead of 5:15) and then i had to run for the bus, as usual, and even the bus was late, making me late. with all the lateness, you’d think i’d be in a bad mood.

surprisingly, i’m in a very good mood. an almost over-excited mood.

it could be the pepsi i drank this morning. maybe it was the fact that the zags won, handily, last night, in a game that most were predicting they’d lose. or it might be that jane eyre is finally opening this weekend and i’ll get to see it with my equally brit costume drama loving girlfriends.

whatever the reason, despite the upcoming weekend of studying, the bruises on my arms (courtesy of my physical therapist, don’t ask) and that i’ve been staring at a spreadsheet for most of the morning, i’m flyin’ high.

actually, i do believe i know the reason. i now have what i call the master plan for writing.

this plan is very simple. i will write books, of whatever kind i like, and i will work in human resources. see, while the average reader may think that there are tons of published authors out there, it’s actually a rather small number. and that number gets even smaller when you consider only those writers who make a living off writing and nothing else (or maybe writing and instructing, like e. l. doctorow).

writers have, i think, rather lonely, solitary professional lives. and while i love my solitude, i don’t want it for hours and weeks on end. also, i can’t write in coffee shops…hell, i’ve got a hard time reading in coffee shops. i have the attention span of a 2 year old, and i get distracted every time someone new walks through the door. and i know a number of writers do for a change of pace, and for some much needed stimuli.

the other part of this is that i actually sort of like what i do. i was just as surprised as everyone else to find that i like employee benefits, but hey, here i am, one exam away from having my CEBS. plus the stimulus and structure, not to mention the stability, of having a job to go to every day, is very appealing. and i’m not quite ready to let go of that little-girl vision of me stalking around a big city in some truly awesome shoes and carrying a blackberry, which can only be accomplished by having some really fancy office job.

the only downer part to this is it’s something that will take a few years, because the job will only be part time, and not full time (thus allowing for the writing part of the plan to happen). i’m not in a position, financially, to only take on a part time job, although i really wish i was.

for the first time in a really long time, though, i feel like this will actually work. i don’t doubt that it’s partly because the first draft (the blog) for vanishing is almost done. a few more posts, and the story wraps up. of course, once i’ve actually finished the second draft, or the third, and then start shopping it around, i’ll end up with a pile of rejection letters about a foot high, and my plan will be shot to shit. but i’m not thinking about that right now.

the other part of that is that with vanishing almost done, i’ll be able to devote more time to my newest project. currently, i’ve got three going on: a lesson in vanishing, a post-apocalyptic type novel, and my trilogy. the post-apocalyptic is on hold, for now, because i’m really dissatisfied with the way it’s turning out and i may just trash the whole thing and start over. but the trilogy i’m really excited about. why? because it’s a paranormal romance trilogy.

don’t knock it. according to michele bardsley, being a romance author is nothing to be ashamed of. and if i were writing in a genre, or sub-genre, that owns 50% of mass market sales, i’d be waving my hands and jumping up and down with glee. which is exactly what i intend to do.

and so far, aside from my hated dialogue, it’s been markedly more easy than writing for vanishing.

so there’s my master plan. it may take a few years to put it into action, but goddammit, i will. at least until i come up with the next master plan.

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