bombs away…

with all the world’s attention focused on the tragedy in japan, i sort of feel like the ongoing conflict in libya has been pushed to the side. this bothers me because a) the japanese have proven to be incredibly resilient and will soldier on and b) the situation in libya is, in my opinion, more distressing and dangerous.

you’ve probably heard about what’s been happening: taking their cue from egypt and tunisia, libya decided it wanted to oust its own autocratic leader. so they launched a series of non-violent protests, in much the same manner that their north african neighbors did.

the key difference is that the Libyan Leader (this is what he’s referred to as. how nice.), muammar el-qaddafi, is not as weak as his counterparts. despite having been in power for 41 years (!), he’s got a super-strong military on his side (unlike mubarak). so the rebellion, it would seem, would be dead in the water.

rebel fighters celebrate a battle win

for a while, they were awesome. amazing. however violent their revolution turned, they were winning. and then the military stepped in, started dropping bombs all over the place, and now they’re losing. big time. meanwhile, the world-wide diplomatic community dithers about trying to find a solution while your average libyan is getting his head blown off.

the US has been reluctant to become involved, at least on the military end, and for good reason. with resources already stretched thin between two on-going, exhausting wars in other parts of the islamic world, sticking our nose into yet ANOTHER conflict will certainly not go over well.

i’ve got a problem with that “no fly zone” the UN has been dilly-dallying about, too. i have little confidence that this zone will prevent qaddafi’s forces from actually flying planes and continuing their b0mbardment. oh, and the obama administration pointed out that moving warships and planes into place to enforce said zone would take too long and the rebels would still lose.

honestly, the situation seems hopeless to me. despite their bravery, i consider everything that’s going on and think the rebels will end up surrendering or being killed. that qaddafi’s son brazenly is saying the whole debacle will be over in 48 hours doesn’t help matters, but the fact remains that the superior firepower remains on the side of the loyalists.

it’s like that cliche, too many cooks in the kitchen. with too many heads of state and other diplomats trying to come to a consensus about what action to take, they’re only making things worse. interestingly, this is also the problem the japanese are having. why a consensus needs to be reached, i have no idea. i’d like to see those arab nations that are rumored to want to send in troops to help the rebels just grow a pair and do it.

but because diplomacy rules, and no one wants to come right out and say, hey, asshole, stop killing people unnecessarily, i have a feeling the loyalists will win the day. where’s rahm emmanuel when you need him?

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