it might get loud…

the problem with living with a musician is that i can’t take him anywhere. well, to any concerts. he nitpicks about everything. i think the only reason i didn’t hear him during the u2 concert was it was too loud.

i think it’s pretty safe to say we have pretty disparate choices in music. he’s a jazz musician with a trained ear who grew up listening to 80’s hair metal. i’m a former choir student and volunteer dj who preferred the sounds of the 90’s and classic rock. and you already know my playlists are pretty much stuck in the 90’s (seriously. good decade for modern rock music!)

i do, on occasion, listen to albums or artists that recorded something in THIS century, and even during the last 2 or 3 years. for example:

daisy brand new – i love jesse lacey. lovelovelove him. he always sounds so forlorn, except when he’s screaming, and then he sounds petulant. i know that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for brand new, but if you want something really emo-tastic, pick up one of their albums. daisy was, in a lot of ways, better than the devil and god are raging inside me, and lacey’s lyrics were, of course, awesome as always. standout tracks: “at the bottom” and “be gone”.

isn't he just adorable?

good things aloe blaccgood things is an uneven album. the first couple tracks are great, well done, fun to listen to, but as the album progresses i got bored. blacc’s stylings are old-school 70’s soul, a welcome relief from all the runs and gun-fire vibrato in most r & b. and he’s wearing a natty white suit with a red bow tie on the album cover, which makes me grin. the problem is that his range isn’t all that great. you can hear when he reaches for some low notes that it’s pretty flat and almost ugly, but he’s got a really nice falsetto that he doesn’t use a lot (a pity). standout tracks: “i need a dollar” and “loving you is killing me”.

sea of cowards the dead weather – i used to hate jack white. the white stripes always struck me as a pretentious pile of bullcrap and i couldn’t stand listening to “seven nation army” without wanting to stab a pen through my eye. somewhere along the line, though, he must have gotten over his ego, because handing over the vocal reigns to other people (alison mosshart in the dead weather and brendan benson in the raconteurs) has made me think maybe he’s not so bad. the dead weather sounds like ground-down dirty garage rock. it’s AWESOME. sea of cowards, while not quite as good as horehound, is still head and shoulders above most of what was released last year. standout tracks: “i can’t hear you” and “old mary”.

really awesome album cover, though

no line on the horizon u2 – c’mon. they’re my favorite band. how can i not mention them? i’m not so blinded by love for them, though, that i can’t see that this is probably not their best album. what i like about it is that does have a different sound from most of the other albums they’ve released in the last two decades. but it kind of reminds me of all that you can’t leave behind, which is my least favorite u2 album (favorite: zooropa and pop. yes, pop. shut up. it’s a good album.) line is actually a little bland at times, and sometimes i wonder if they’re going through yet another mid-life crisis (don’t you hate it when musicians do that? they’re music turns to shit when that happens. gah.) i also mention them because the 360 tour will be coming back to the states this summer and even if you’re only a “meh” u2 fan, see them live. they kick so much ass. i’ve seen them twice and i’m taking my parents when they come through seattle this june. standout tracks: “cedars of lebanon” and “get on your boots”.

*images via stone’s throw records and island records

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