when it rains, it, well, you know…

“i am a vatican assassin warlock!”

that made me laugh harder than i have in quite some time, and it was all silently. quaking shoulders, a couple of repressed snorts, tears threatening to fall, the whole shebang. it’s true – charlie sheen is the next kanye west.

however, charlie sheen has gotten far too much attention of late, and that wasn’t what i originally wanted to post about today anyway. my original intent to was to write something about, well, writing. particularly if you want to be all alliterative and stuff (because today is wednesday. and i want to write about writing. ha. i’m a huge dork.)

i’ve been following a new blog, the hack novelist, and the writer is quite entertaining at times. he recently revealed that he actually has a day job, which came as a surprise because he seems to have so much frickin’ time to write (and now edit) his work in progress. you’ve all heard my complaints about lack of time. that horse is dead, so i’ll stop beating it.

i will indulge in an update, though. vanishing is coming to a conclusion. a few more posts, and the blog, and what i consider to be the first draft, will be done. next comes the 2nd draft, already in progress, already driving me nuts, and i can see why hack hates editing with a passion. i’m really looking forward to all the studying coming to an end as well, because maybe then i can school myself into taking some of that study time and changing it to writing time.

the BF surprised me last night by totally jumping on my writing bandwagon and encouraging me to keep at it. not just keep at it, but publish it. or something. i joked about him riding on my coattails to fame, but it was actually really nice to hear that he had been paying attention to what i’d been doing all these months. he’s even told his mother about it, and she wants to read it when i’m done.

now comes the but. but, i’m stretching myself thin. but, i’m in pain on a regular basis and it makes trying to find the motivation to write even more difficult. but, the damn voices in my head won’t shut up long enough for me to concentrate on my actual job and be a good little worker bee.

see, i came up with another new idea. and just like the last new idea, it’s not just simmering on the back burner, let-me-think-some-more-before-i-jump-to-it. oh no, it’s a full-fledged living thing. not just a book. a triology. three books. i may want to seriously injure myself before it’s over, with two others in progress. and there’s such little similarity between the stories that it really requires switching gears. i sat down the other night and started on my idea of an outline, which does not look anything like the outlines i had to complete for research papers in college. it’s more just here are the questions i need to answer, what other crap do i want to cram into the story?

then i actually started on the first chapter last night. i didn’t get too far, because i hate writing dialogue and it starts out with a conversation. but 400 words are better than nothing, i guess.

so. to recap. i now have one work almost done,  a lesson in vanishing. i started a second project three months ago. and now i’m on a third project, still untitled, this weekend.

when do i win the lottery and/or have an incredibly wealthy relative bequeath me all their money?

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