with a shout…

AN UPDATE: that is not what the egyptian people wanted. suleiman is not the answer. i’ll be mubarak is gloating right now. you can keep reading my original post below. that is all.

“all your demands will be met today” – egyptian army general hassan al-roueini

image via the seattle times

yes, i broke out the happy dance (two of my co-workers can attest to that). if this is true, if what the CIA believes will actually happen, egypt will be without a president by the end of the day, and they will have partially accomplished what they set out to do 17 days ago.

so that giddiness i felt over the initial protests, the expansion of them into yemen and jordan? multiply it by like, 10. no, 20. we’re reaching light-headed, hysterical laughing territory. this is fuckin’ AWESOME.

and on the heels of that awesomeness comes a bit of a caveat. this is only awesome if the army remains on the side of the people and keeps order until “fair and democratic” elections can be held (preferably before september, when they’re scheduled for). there’s always the possibility that they may just choose to remain in power, like so many armies have done before. but the egyptian people, by all accounts, love the army. they hate the police, but love the army. the army is greeted by cheers, and the people (mostly) do what they ask.

i’m going to add one more caveat. this will only be awesome if what the people have campaigned so hard for, a democratically elected government, real reforms in unemployment, wages, and controlling poverty, is actually accomplished by this whole process. because i have a sinking feeling that with the massively unorganized protest groups, very little will be accomplished. it’s like, they’ll celebrate, and then when it’s over, they think, well, shit, now we’ve actually got to do something. do you know how to run a country? no. do you? no. huh. well, how do we do it?

that, that thought right there, that’s sort of scary. but let’s revel in this moment for just a while longer, and worry about the future when we get there.

super happy dance inducing seattle times article is here.

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