a crazy mash-up of stuff

you probably remember your high school english teacher telling you to eliminate all use of the words “stuff” and “things” from whatever you happen to be writing. except that today, i feel the need for an exception, simply because i’ve got a few little items to write about, but none long enough for a singular post.

SO glad i get to use a computer.

so, first topic: dialogue. i hate writing dialogue. the actual part where the character is speaking, you know, between the quotation marks? that’s okay. it usually works out that it sounds like it does in my head. then i ruin it with “said”. or “replied”. or “exclaimed”. in short, i’m doing exactly what i thought was so terrible with the recessionistas. and i seriously need to stop.

i was reading the pagan stone by nora roberts for the third time the other day and i noticed something. she rarely uses tags. so i started going through some other books i’ve admired (hello, tana french!) and noticed, for the most part, the same thing. now, why it’s taken me so long to figure out that what you learned in elementary school isn’t necessarily true when you’re trying to write something for an adult (or even a young adult) audience, i don’t know. possibly because i’ve been dividing my time between studying, watching tv, reading for *gasp* pleasure, or the baby blanket i’ve been working on for months (not for me. i swear.) whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. i have my answer. so i just need to actually REMEMBER this when i’m writing. tags must be used sparingly.

next topic: egypt! it’s been the news for almost two solid weeks, and they show no signs of backing off. this is way awesome, but also, strangely, tiresome. i think tiresome because, well, we’ve become so accustom to fading in and out of the daily progress reports of our war on terror (god, that makes me feel so…dirty), where, really no progress has been made so they only report when a bunch of soldiers die, that continual daily updates on something that isn’t progressing just makes you wish they’d stop covering it. or that someone would lead a violent uprising. honestly, i love what the egyptian people are doing, and a part of me thinks of it as something like the earthquake in haiti, or katrina, where just because a huge event happened sometime in the past doesn’t mean it should fade from memory now. actually, katrina is a perfect example. there is still so much work to be done there, and it’s been what, 5 years? 6 years? a long time, and yet, not long enough to restore new orleans.

aaanndd…final topic? sugar. and valentine’s day. i hate valentine’s day.

valentine's day and sugar: a nasty combination

always have. for some reason, in addition to having to have a stupendously moronic holiday covered in hearts and sappiness, it’s being subsidized by sugar. why do people feel the need to have sugar for every fuckin’ holiday? really. every holiday. national holidays like memorial day, the 4th, blah blah are all about cherry and/or apple pie, cotton candy (because of all the parades and stuff associated with it). halloween is really all about candy. you get candy for easter. candy for valentine’s day. candy for christmas. seriously, you wonder why we’re a nation of fat people? blame m&m mars. and godiva. it’s all their fault.

done ranting now. i promise. so, what can you take away from this post? nothing, really, it was just something to give my brain a break before i force myself to look at columns upon columns of numbers. go me.

*image via springfieldpubliclibrary.com and heatherpringle.wordpress.com

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