owwie! *whine cry whimper*

“now i am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

lord krishna

supposedly, this is what lord krishna said to prince arjuna just before the start of a war.  where i heard it (a speech given by oppenheimer after witnessing the first nuke bomb test in new mexico) was actually as a sound blip on linkin park’s a thousand suns, which i was listening to this morning for about the 20th time.

some writers use pictures to inspire, to brainstorm. usually my ideas come from whatever i happen to be listening to at the time. oppenhiemer, intoning in that speech, made me think of a stark, blacked-out world, full of burned patches and rockets streaking across a night sky.

i was listening to “riders on the storm” the other day and immediately thought of oliver stone’s the doors. once i managed to dislodge that picture, i came up with two guys, replete in polyester bell bottoms, toking a joint, one of them almost skeletal. right now i’m listening to third eye blind’s “god of wine” and all sorts of images are floating through my brain (one of them being the end sequence from an episode of homicide: life on the street. but that’s because it was used in an episode).

the point is, the floodgates have re-opened, and i’m feelin’ the need to write again. but i’ve run into a slight problem with this.

yeah, that's pretty much how i feel.

my tennis elbow has flared up again.

i told you how i acquired said elbow previously. well, after eight sessions of physical therapy, it was feeling much better. so much better, in fact, that i was able to go without my brace for days. then october happened, the professional shit hit the proverbial fan, and now, i’m wearing not one, but TWO braces. one for each elbow, and i had to start physical therapy again. pain in my ass. or elbow, such as it is.

i guess you don’t realize just how connected your hands are to the rest of your arm when something as mundane as typing gives you an icky twinge that has you crying out for mommy and a bottle of aleve. i’ve been trying to ignore it and work around it as best i can (i’m so proud of myself, i actually spent a good part of the day saturday working on vanishing! and i posted a new part tonight! go me!) but between work, wanting to write, reading (which, interestingly, actually can cause me some pain) and working on my latest craft project, i’ve aggravated both elbows. oh joy of joys.

sigh. we’ll see what admonishments the therapist has for me tomorrow when i go in for my appointment. now if you’ll excuse me, i’ve got some reading to do.

*images via kamat.com, sportsinjuryclinic.net

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