super hits of the 90’s!

the last few days my gym has been on a ’90’s kick.  lots of great songs, from your expected (pearl jam, nirvana) to some not so expected (i overheard one of the trainers trying to figure out if the gin blossom’s “hear it from you” was by sister hazel.  sister hazel?  really?)  i feel sort of sorry for today’s high school students.  or at least the ones who prefer rock over r & b and hip hop.  they’re stuck with paramour and kings of leon.  ugh.  okay, sure, we had to deal with “fly”, but we also got “everlong”.  and “lump”. and “bulls on parade”. and “lightening crashes”. and…well, you get the idea.

and yes, my mp3 player is full of ’90’s music.  can’t help it; i never really outgrew it.  so c’mon, trip down memory lane for a bit.  maybe you’ll find something you over looked the first time around.

image via sony records

dulcinea toad the wet sprocket – toad really fits in the whole 90’s not quite grunge, not quite soft rock stuff.  and booth made fun of bones for like them.  who cares.  this is a great album. it makes me want to pull out my old oversized flannel and doc martens and light up some patchouli.  stand out tracks: “windmills” and “fly from heaven”.

romeo and juliet soundtrack – there were a number of great soundtracks this decade (hackers, the saint, cruel intentions) this is just one of many.  baz luhrman’s modern day take on shakespeare had good points and bad, but the music was pretty kick ass.  stand out track: “talk show host” by radiohead.

version 2.0 garbage – i heart shirley manson.  so does the BF (he thinks she’s hot.  i’m okay with that.  she is kinda hot.)  garbage managed to avoid the sophomore slump that so many bands hit with their second album.  loaded with hooks and wicked beats, version 2.0 was an improvement on an already great album (garbage) and then it all went downhill from there.  stand out tracks: “you look so fine”, “the trick is to keep breathing”, and “hammering in my head”.

dummy portishead – you know, you listen to this album, and you think it could have easily been released today.  it’s timeless.  i think it’s because so much of the electronica genre was ahead of everything else,

image via polygram records

musically, that it just took a while for everyone else to catch up.  anyway.  if you’ve never heard this album, shame on you, now go out and buy it.  stand out tracks: “wandering star” and “glory box”.

dosage collective soul – yes, they do love their epic guitars.  stuck in a style that died back in the early 90’s, collective soul didn’t give a fuck and kept playing that way anyway.  i’m glad they did.  those riffs from the opening tracks sound perfect as you hit that empty freeway…i guarantee you’ll be speeding.  standout tracks: “heavy” and “dandy life”.

“enjoy the silence” failure – ken andrews broke up the band after they released this song, for a tribute album to depeche mode.  he didn’t want to be known for doing a cover.  i love this version; the added heavy riffs make for much better listening that the original.

“the tourist” radiohead – ok computer was a damn good album.  “the tourist” is my favorite track.  in fact, i think this, plus “talk show host”, might be my favorite radiohead songs.  “tourist” is so sad, floaty…i really can’t describe it.  it sucks you in and you don’t want the song to end.  and then it does, and the album is over, and you’re sad.  poop.

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