ah ha! there IS a point!

over on money smart fashion, grace listed her goals for 2011.  one of them was to develop a brand around her blog (and now for the life of me i can’t find the original post).  i have no interest in trying to turn this into a brand, but it got me thinking about the rubber duck brigade and what i could do to improve it.

oh, if only it were that easy...

the answer?  a whole hell of a lot.  it’s scattered.  i know that, and i don’t particularly care.  i started this as a place to voice my opinions on whatever i happened to feel like talking about.  my only hard and fast rule was to not spend so much time dwelling on myself and my life…there are some that are comfortable with that, the whole “voyeur” aspect of blogging.  i’m not one of them.  and i never will be.

just because my topics reach far and wide doesn’t mean it can’t be cohesive, though.  and that’s really what i focused on.  what is the common element here?  stories.  a news story, a fun story, a work of fiction or one steeped in reality, it’s all a story.  and for the most part, it all revolves around my opinion.

with that in mind, i revised the whole “about” thingy, and retitiled it.  i’ve been trying to tinker with the whole layout as well, but since i’m not nearly as tech savvy as some, i’m not making a lot of progress.  every post has been recategorized, though.  some old ones even now have tags.

some people think that in order to gain a blog following, you should find a topic, or theme, and stick with it.  here’s where i ran into trouble.  i love entertainment, and the stories it sells.  music, movies, books…but then, you drag politics and local news into it, and it doesn’t fit.  what does fit is that every post on here (with a few exceptions) was a story, from the paper, a song i heard on the radio, in a book, on a screen, and it got me thinking.  so i decided to write about it.  maybe this makes it difficult for people who are looking for a specific thing, but i’m not blogging to please them.  i do it to please myself, because i come first, dammit.

anyway.  knowing that i do have a point, even if it’s a very broad, expansive point, actually makes me feel slightly better.  you know what else makes me feel better?  the book i just finished.  i’ll tell you about it later, but suffice to say, that plus linkin park’s a thousand suns is melting my writer’s block, little by little.

now if only i could find the motivation to actually write

*image credit via http://stephengreensted.wordpress.com/

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