ah, man, say it ain’t so!

originally i was going to write about the seahawks and how silly it is that they’ve managed to win the NFC west, thus highlighting just how pathetic the division is.

then pete postlethwaite died.

pete postlethwaite as father lawrence

you’re probably saying “who?”  but postlethwaite was one of those actors that if you name a movie and his role, or show a picture of his face, you’d say “oh yeah! that guy!”  and he was so much better than that distinction.

i remember the first movie i saw with him.  it was baz luhrmann’s romeo and juliet, and posthelwaite was father lawrence (aka the priest who helps romeo and juliet).  i must confess what i remember most about his performance is the bad-ass yakuza-style tattoo of a cross covering his back (which was probably fake), but ever since then, i enjoyed his performances.

he drew praise and award nominations for his role in in the name of the father as a father wrongfully accused of helping his son in an IRA bombing attack.  he would pop up unexpectedly in movies like the constant gardener and inception.  and i swear he was actually irish, not british, because his accent in both father and the town were spot on.  he was creepily terrifying in the town, intimidating youngsters to knock over banks and armored trucks at his behest.

i’m looking forward to his last role, as karl in killing bono.  i just wish i could look forward to seeing more of him.  pete postlethwaite passed away on january 2, of cancer.

*image courtesy 20th century fox

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