sugar, sugar, everywhere…


fudge.  cookies.  homemade truffles.  more cookies.  candy canes.  even more cookies.  oh wait, where did those satsumas come from?  they shouldn’t be here!

when did the holidays become all about sugar?  it’s always bad at my office, but during christmastime, it’s worse.  clients send in candy, people bring in leftover treats from parties, potlucks abound.  it all gets piled on this two-drawer file cabinet along one of the aisles between cubicles.  you have to pass it when you go to the fax machine, which happens quite frequently.

i complained about the sugar problem to the BF.  his solution was just to exercise some will power.  except that he has no problem with willpower, since he’d rather eat spicy food than anything sweet.

ignoring sugar didn’t used to be as much of a problem.  my parents never kept junk food in the house growing up, and by the time i reached the age where i was working and could spend it on junk food, well, for some odd reason i didn’t.  i ate more of it, sure, but when you compare a single candy bar once a month to a candy bar once every six months…no, i wasn’t deprived as a child, i swear.

somehow, this all changed when i started working here.  and i think i know why.  it’s always RIGHT.THERE.  it stares you in the face, daring you to eat just one.  seriously.  i feel like should i develop diabetes, the company should be responsible for paying for my testing equipment.

there are those that have no problem resisting, or eating a solitary piece of candy.  they are the ones who don’t like sweet food.  or they don’t understand the meaning of indulgence.

but there are those that don’t understand the meaning of the word overindulgence.  like my boss, who, two years running, deliberately sabotaged our “healthy snack food” contest (we don’t have it any more, thanks to her).  or that the company subsidizes the canned sodas from the vending machines (we pay a mere $.30!  a bargain!)  or that every time we score a new client, we celebrate with cookies from specialty’s bakery (best cookies of all time.  for realz, yo).

there’s a reason why about 1/3 of the population is obese and 2/3 are overweight.  fast food proliferates, high fructose corn syrup (which, i swear, is addicting.  it should be an illegal substance) has replaced actual cane sugar, and a whole list of other reasons…like using a video game console to get some exercise.  talk about lame.

i feel like i’m fighting a losing battle, like some warhead has sunk my battleship.  despite the first lady’s push for kids to eat healthy, despite the NFL’s play60 initiative, we’re all losing.  did you know a study recently found that parents of overweight children didn’t think they had anything to do with why their kid was fat?  we’re a nation of fat people, and we’d rather play ostrich instead of fix the problem.

i’d like to fill my boss’s office with baby carrots.  i’d like my company to offer incentives to lose weight or eat healthy, like king county did for its employees (a program was offered to help lower the employee cost of health insurance if you followed a certain regimen).  i’d like to see the soda machines removed, or the prices raised, or…yeah, just removed.  i want the cookies to be replaced with cheese, and for snacks to be confined to the break rooms.  i want, i want, i want.  no, i need.

but it’s never gonna happen.

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