screw you, tim eyman, and the horse you rode in on

oh. wow.  harsh harsh HARSH.  governor gregoire announced her new budget, and is it a doozy.  it cuts EVERYTHING.  the state’s basic health plan for the working poor?  gone.  state arts commission?  gone.  both state history museums?  closed until further notice.  reducing ferry runs (for a state that runs on ferry boats) and raising fares.  cuts to education.  tuition hikes at state colleges.  picture everyone in the state curled up in the fetal position, that’s what this budget does.

this is what happens when the voters are really really dumb and approve tim eyman’s initiatives and reject any increase in taxes.  and those people who lobby for education and health care?  they don’t want the cuts.  understandable, but they were also the people who opposed the new taxes that would have prevented those cuts.  they also have nothing to say when asked on how to prevent those cuts.  they’re like small children.  they just want what’s good for them, and screw what everyone else wants.

in an interview with king TV’s robert mak, gregoire actually called out one of eyman’s initiatives, which basically is what led to the problems with the ferry system today.  talk about a dumbass.  she also said that her understanding is that the voters didn’t want any new taxes, so she didn’t even go there with her budget.  this is what we get instead.

republicans are applauding the budget.  they don’t like it either, but they really like that it doesn’t involve more taxes.  for once, i actually agree with them.  i’m not going to pretend i know anything about constructing a state budget.  but what she’s done makes sense.  you can’t spend what you don’t have, and voters refused to provide the capital needed to keep those programs.  and of course, they’ll all start whining about it when it hits home.  those increased trips to emergency centers by people without health care?  guess who pays the tab on that?  oh, that’s right.  us.  parents complaining that their children are falling behind in school because of cuts to the number of teachers, the increase in class sizes?  yeah, your fault, because you didn’t want to increase taxes to pay the new teacher’s salary that reduced your child’s class size.  idiot.

it’s odd.  most of those cuts i doubt will have any impact on me personally.  i have health insurance through my employer.  i’m no longer in school.  i don’t visit the state parks at the moment (yeah, that’s one of the other cuts, no more funding for state parks and recreation spots for the foreseeable future).  so when she says this will touch everyone in the state, i imagine there will be people like me who feel fairly insulated from it all.  but that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful to look at.

seattle times article is here.

One thought on “screw you, tim eyman, and the horse you rode in on

  1. People want all of the benefits of these programs, but never want to pay for them.

    I always laugh when conservatives say that liberals just want to raise everyones taxes, like somehow the left gets their jollies off by raising peoples taxes, its absolutely laughable.

    I don’t LIKE paying taxes, but I realize the necessity of paying them, because they provide services that I also realize are equally as necessary as paying the taxes themselves.

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