show me how you…burlesque!

photo courtesy of leigh shocki

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

outside of family, i rarely celebrate my birthday anymore.  i think the last time i did was five years ago, and that was only because monty python and the holy grail was in theatres for one week and it happened to be the same week as my birthday.

i don’t miss birthday parties.  i did the big drunken debacle when i turned 21.  for my other “major” birthday (18) i was out of the country, which was, of course, the best present ever.  i hadn’t even given much thought to having a “party” party for my 30th, with lots of alcohol and people and debauchery.  my friend leigh (who took the photo) used all that up for her 30th a few months earlier.

my girlfriends and i have an obsession with dance movies.  we’ve seen most of the ones that have been released in the last decade, including step up: 3D.  yes, most were pretty awful, but when you’ve got everyone making rude comments and giggling after far too many skittles, you’ve got a viewing experience like none other.

so when i found out that burlesque opened the day before thanksgiving, i immediately emailed the ladies and told them that the saturday after thanksgiving (and the day after my actual birthday) we were hitting the theatre for some dancin’ action.  of course, they all readily agreed, and after another 12 emails, we figured out place and time, plus food.

katie picked me up on the way down to the theatre, and despite the crowds surging through the mall, we didn’t have any difficulty finding a parking spot.   leigh and olivia had gone off on a hunt for candy, so katie and i stood around making small talk with alicia, leigh’s sister-in-law, until we decided we’d be better off finding seats instead of looking like a bunch of dumbasses.

burlesque was everything we expected it to be and waaaay more.  since cher was in the movie, we expected a number of gay men to be there as well (what is it with gay men and cher?) but the added 40 year old married men making comments and yelling at the teenagers to sit down in the front…well, we weren’t laughing at what was going on on screen at that point.  big shit eating grins would cross our faces during the big production numbers (especially the last one), and leigh bestowed “instant classic” status upon the film.

heading back to west seattle for dinner, leigh and olivia drove right by the restaurant, even though at this point katie, alicia and i were all standing outside, waiting for our table.  lack of imagination ensued when three of us ordered circa’s butternut squash tacos (delicious, by the way).   we sat around in that booth in the back of the restaurant for a few hours, eating our tacos and sweet potato fries, making fun of the 40 year old men who were in the theatre with us, and making plans to go see the new adaptation of jane eyre when it opened.

there was no drunken revelry at my birthday party, and leigh did not slam her palms down on the table in an alcoholic stupor and proclaim “aaron played air hockey with sherman alexie!” (which she DID do at her own birthday party).  yeah, my life might be rather ordinary, and even slightly boring to an outsider, but i wouldn’t trade those movie nights with the girls for anything.

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