reading list as of 11/29/2010

we’re fast approaching the time of year where i forgo lots of reading time for lots of time in the movie theatre…i loves me my films.  and with “awards season” coming up, all the major (and not so major) studios are preparing their serious movies for release.  some that i’m looking forward to: black swan, blue valentine, true grit, and tron: legacy (never seen the original, but i’m a big jeff bridges fan, plus yaya from top model is in it!).

anyway, some slim pickin’s this month:

imperfect birds anne lamott – greatly detailed and interesting right from the start, the hook of the plot doesn’t show until about three quarters of the way through the book.  you’d think with that, you would have stopped reading way before, but you don’t.  you keep going, and not because you keep hoping it will get interesting.  rosie is a teenager, about to start her senior year, living in a small town in the bay area with her mentally unstable recovering alcoholic mother and stepfather.  the problems she has with drugs are hidden carefully from her family by her enabling friends, until her parents discover she’s been lying to them for some time.

my name is memory ann brasheras – i wanted to like this more than i did.  i did actually manage to finish it, although i sort of wonder why i soldiered through to the end.  daniel and lucy have been searching for each other for lifetimes…or at least, daniel has been searching for lucy.  lucy, whenever she meets daniel in his current incarnation, has a hard time believing in previous lives.  an interesting concept, certainly, but i had a hard time finishing it.  i’m not really certain why; i guess as interesting and thought provoking as the plot idea was, it didn’t do enough to grab hold and strangle me.

dublin noir edited by ken bruen – a collection of short noir stories by irish writers (and a few non-irish), i REALLY wish this one had been better.  i read about half of them.  some were good, some were just weird, and one or two of them…i didn’t feel like they belonged.  actually, for the most part, i didn’t feel that any of these were really noir-ish.

spirit bound richelle mead – the fifth book in mead’s vampire academy series, rose and lissa graduate from vampire academy and head to the royal court, where rose waits to be assigned as lissa’s guardian and lissa eagerly awaits the start of her college career at lehigh university.  along the way, rose convinces lissa to break out her conniving and manipulative uncle victor, who may hold the key to restoring rose’s boyfriend dmitri’s humanity (he was turned into a vampire at the end of book 3).  it’s not exactly spoiling it to say that lissa succeeds in restoring dmitri, but it doesn’t go quite according to plan.  honestly, after about book 2 i got a little tired of this series, but i read most of book 3, and skimmed book 4 (enough to know the gist of what happened) and read about half of this one.  i’ll be reading the last one (due out next week) only because i need to know what happens to rose after that cliffhanger at the end of spirit bound.  yes, i skipped ahead to the ending after i got halfway through.  sue me.

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