i’m sitting in the office of my BF’s studio right now.  it’s freezing.  they have no central heat, the windows are single pane, and the floors are made of concrete.  i suspect i will be forced to stop typing once i can no longer feel my fingers.

anyway.  i thought i would take a cue from grace over at money smart fashion and instead of doing new year’s resolutions (which will inevitably end up broken) i’ll do a birthday resolution.  or resolutions.  the hope is that i’ll end up keeping them because i haven’t made them at the beginning of the year.  we’ll see.  i really like her goal system.  she writes out the goal on an index card, and then on the back she writes out the steps she’ll take to accomplish that goal.  i’m not quite that nifty, so i’ll just list them out here.

1) finish the manuscript for a lesson in vanishing.  if i fail to accomplish anything before my next birthday, it will most likely be this.  i’ve been working on the blog since march of this year, and i’m now officially stuck (hence the reason there haven’t been new posts in a while).  but.  i’m going to try anyway.  i’ll even bring my laptop along on my vacation, which i NEVER do.

2) pay off at least one credit card.  again, this is harder than it seems.  i’ve cut waaaay back on my shopping and other spending, but somehow i always manage to run out of money before i get paid next, and THAT’S when i actually need something.  like groceries.  or cat food.  so i guess it’s more of a goal to be aware of where my money is going.  those jimmy john’s sandwiches start to add up after a while, ya know.

3) speaking of jimmy johns…i’m going to cut down on soda.  really i am.  i mean it this time.  now, where did i leave my pepsi…

4) read at least one “classic” book.  this is, of course, subjective.  to some, a “classic” is something that was written before 1900.  0r even 1850.  there are others who think that brave new world is a classic.  i say both are correct.  so, i’ll either read one of the books already on my shelf (i do actually own a few books that were originally published before 1900) or read ayn rand’s the fountainhead.  actually, i think i’ll read that one anyway.

there you have it.  the goals that i will try to accomplish, or more likely fail to accomplish, before my next birthday.  hooray.

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