lazy sundays

i don’t know about the rest of the country, but today, it snowed.  yes, actual little white flakes were drifting down from the sky.  it didn’t stick, of course.  it rarely does around seattle.  but the point is that it actually snowed, which means that everyone at work will be talking about it tomorrow.

sundays are good days for being lazy.  despite it being the designated lazy day of the week, though, i managed to get a bunch of stuff done: i got an hour of studying in, almost finished my current library book, went for a good long walk (in the cold, with the snow) and watched the seahawks manage to score most of their 16 points on field goals (yes, they lost).  and joy of joys, i managed to FINALLY edit some of my recent photos and get them posted over on my multiply site (byrnedimages).  still got some stuff to do (like wrangle the zen-cat into the bathroom for his medicine) but a good sunday.  one of these days, i swear i’ll have a true lazy sunday and do nothing but sleep, read, and watch movies.  nuthin’ else.

some photos you’ll find over on byrnedimages:


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