the singles mix

no, i’m not suddenly single (as you might imply from the post title).  i just emailed another CD suggestion to my parents (gift ideas for christmas) and it got me thinking about the current state of music.

i rarely listen to the radio anymore, unless it’s NPR’s morning edition.  all through high school and most of college, i listened to the radio constantly.  the mid-90’s was one of my favorite times in rock music history; so much was going on, and most of it was interesting and made for great listening.  these days, it’s harder to find what i’d think of as great music.  for your listening pleasure, here’s a list of what i’ve been listening to lately (includes both individual songs and full albums:

the betrayed lostprophets – i’ve been fans of these welsh heros since their first single, “shinobi vs. dragon ninja” (by the way, neither the song nor the video make any reference to dragons.  poo.)  this album rocks so much better, and harder, than their last (liberation transmission).  favorite tracks: “the light that shines twice as bright” and “if it wasn’t for hate, we’d be dead by now”.

a thousand suns linkin park – i’m thinking it’s a concept album.  it feels like one.  whatever it is, it sounds all post-apocalyptic to me.  and i like it.  so there.  favorite tracks: “when they come for me” and “the catalyst”.

cruel intentions soundtrack – seriously, one of the best soundtracks from the late ’90’s.  or early ’90’s.  or the ’00’s.  it’s loaded with tons of great songs.  personal favorite: “every you, every me” by placebo (probably one of their best songs.  ever.)

“how you like me now?” the heavy – yes, it’s the song from the kia commercial with the giant sock monkey.  while the commercial is on the frightening side, the song is all kinds of awesome.  i found another track from the same album (the house that dirt built) and it was just as awesome as “how you like me now?”  james brown would be proud.

“when the lights go out” the black keys – the black keys are, for me, one of the few new acts to come along in the last few years that have been greatly entertaining.  “lights” is a slinky garage crunchy song that makes me think of sweltering southern twilight.  apparently, director craig brewer thought the same, and featured it in the 2006 movie black snake moan.

“blue monday” orgy – a friend of mine in college had a problem with one-hit wonder bands who were one hit wonders off of cover songs.  i guess orgy sort of falls into that category (although they did release another single from the same album, “stitches” and then from their second album, “fiction (dreams in digital)”).  who cares.  i like this version better than the original, and it shows the promise of what orgy could have done had they endured.  they did industrial-heavy techno, kind of like filter’s second album title of record. sigh.  i love that sound.

“headspin” lukas rossi – yeah, i heard it first on rockstar: supernova.  but it’s a great song.  the version i ended up downloading is the one he’d recorded with his old band, rise electric.  if you can find it, it’s well worth listening to.  rossi’s voice takes some getting used to.  he can be a little shrill and often sounds like he’s closing off his throat when he screams, but his falsetto is one of the best i’ve ever heard.

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