christmastime is here…apparently

there’s a station here in seattle that around the holiday season switches to all christmas songs, all the time.  i thought there was some unwritten rule that you couldn’t start with the holiday crap until black friday, but apparently, that’s no longer the case.  no, warm 106.9 has started in on the holiday songs.  ugh.  i was subjected to dean martin crooning “white christmas” today during lunch.  nothing against dean (or any other member of the rat pack) but really?

from a retail perspective, i can sort of understand the push.  retailers are hurting in this economy (actually, the economy itself is just a world of hurt) so they want to push the holiday stuff as soon as possible.  they make halloween a bigger deal than it actually is, and then push the christmas stuff immediately after.  but it’s no wonder that my BF dislikes christmas as much as he does.  it’s shoved down our throats before the thanksgiving turkey has even had a chance to be plopped on the table.  yeah.  ugh.  i’m not anti-christmas (c’mon, who doesn’t like presents?) but the whole big debacle is starting to grate on me.  i’ll still be watching “merry christmas, charlie brown!”.  but no christmas cookies.

in other completely unrelated news, i’ve fallen far far behind on my photo editing, and vanishing has sort of taken an unexpected turn.  i’ve got the ending all figured out.  that hasn’t changed.  in fact, i’m getting impatient to actually write the ending…i need to figure out just how much more fill i need.  no, it’s the whole frankie/peter thing.  originally i’d based their relationship on the one between booth and dr. brennan on TV’s bones.  definitely friends, good friends, but nothing more than that.  peter, apparently, has other ideas, and he’s been wearing down frankie’s resolve.  so i guess we’ll have to see what happens.  i just want to avoid the whole romance angle.

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