put away the mustard, gramma, the grand salami time is over

i’m not a big baseball fan.  i’ve been to my share of games, both at the kingdome and safeco field, even a minor league game or two.  and there was that memorable game at the green giant that is fenway park.  but even i can’t help feeling a little teary-eyed at the loss of one of the greatest sportscasters who ever called a game.

dave niehaus, the man behind the mike, passed away yesterday from a heart attack.  he’d been with the seattle mariners since their inception.  there’s a whole generation of baseball fans who’ve never known a mariners season without his voice.  only now, you won’t get to hear it again.

niehaus will forever be remembered the way people remember vin scully and harry carey.  he was THAT GOOD.  i’m not nearly as eloquent as the sports journalists at the seattle times who had to push through their grief to write wonderful, thoughtful tributes to a man who clearly loved the game, and this team.  even though the mariners sucked major ass the last few seasons, he was there.  he’d let his disgust color his broadcasts.  and when they did something good, something amazing, good christ you’d hear it from niehaus.

sure, this being veteran’s day, we’re supposed to remember and be thankful to all the men and women who’ve worked to keep our country free.  and yes, we are grateful.  but for me, it was more than appropriate that niehaus’ obituary was on the front page, above the fold, of this morning’s edition of the seattle times.  it’s not just that he was an icon.  he was, according to numerous anecdotes and articles over the years, an incredible person.

to read the coverage in the times, click here, here, and here.

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