labor dispute for sale!

around downtown, i’ve seen the occasional sign that reads “labor dispute: (insert company name here)”.  apparently there are labor disputes with walgreen’s, ross, and jimmy johns.  there are probably more, but these are the ones i’ve seen recently.

so today, on my way into the jimmy john’s on 3rd to buy myself a yummy sandwich, i decided to ask about said dispute.

according to the friendly jimmy john’s employee who rang up my order, the people standing on the sidewalk holding the sign are not actually involved in the dispute.  if you ask them what the dispute’s about, they’ll just hand you a flier instead of answering your questions.  that’s right, they’re being paid to stand there, not to be all knowledgeable about what they’re protesting.

oh, and the actual dispute is against a franchise, not necessarily the one they might be standing in front of, and it’s over the contract to build the franchise.  not the restaurant itself.  at least, that’s what the cashier told me, and frankly, i stopped paying attention after about ten words.  she didn’t really sound all that with it, either.  she just wanted my money in exchange for a tasty sandwich.

the moral of the story?  if you’ve got a labor dispute, and you want to stage a protest, there’s always people out there with nothing better to do than stand around for you.  brilliant!

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