the aftermath; or, giving some thought to becoming an ex-pat

i was listening to npr’s morning edition on my way to work this morning, which is normal for me.  i knew they’d be going over election coverage, which i specifically wanted to avoid, but i listened anyway, hoping they might cover something OTHER than the election.  of course, they didn’t (although i did learn that reichart won reelection AGAIN.  someone needs to beat that man and take his seat.  even though i don’t live in his district.  just because you’re credited with catching the green river killer doesn’t mean you can legislate!)  anyway, the new head of the energy and commerce committee in the house was talking about the new republican majority in the house.  he said that their goal will be to repeal obama-care (that lovely cutesy name they’ve given to the healthcare legislation that was passed).

i’m so disgusted with this country.  i’m surprised we haven’t managed to run ourselves into the ground.  how is it that we still manage to operate a working government with our inability to get anything done?  i understand that ideals will vary from person to person, but you’d think that the one thing we’d all be able to agree on is that we need to work together.  but nooo, they’re all a bunch of stubborn five year olds who want all the candy to themselves.

my employer has an office in dublin.  yes, ireland, that lovely green island with happy and mischievous leprechauns running about.  i’ve joked about transferring there in the past, and i’ll probably joke about it in the future.  and i’ve often said i want to retire there.  sure, the weather is often crappier than it is here in seattle, but i gloss over that when i think of leaving the US far behind.

but i’ve reached the point where moving out of the country has a shiny, glowing appeal.  yes, i’ll run into nasty politics (and quite probably political violence) anywhere i choose to live, but at least initially it would be a novelty.  however, the man won’t budge.  since he’s self employed, moving would be more difficult for him than me, because he would have to rebuild his client base from scratch.  add that to he’s far more attached to his family than i am (i have no doubt my parents would relish the thought of regular trips to visit me in my humble cottage above the faery raft) and we won’t be moving any time soon.  or at all, if he has his way.

although maybe i CAN convince him this would be best for my sanity, and his…

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