“i don’t have a message, so i drew a bunny”

this year, more than any other election year, i have been anxiously awaiting the end of the election season.  it’s been absolutely brutal (hence the rally to restore sanity and/or fear) and if this is a sign of things to come, i may just have to bury my head in the sand every october and not surface until about december.

in local politics, our voter’s guide neglected to provide any information on the charter amendments for the county, plus a few county races.  i didn’t bother to vote on most of the judicial races-they’re all running unapposed, and the only one that wasn’t, there weren’t any statements provided.  how the hell am i supposed to make an informed decision without any information?

for our state legislature, district 34 position 1, the candidate running against the incumbent promised to “do what he could”.  that’s the best thing i’ve heard all election season, maybe in even the last few election seasons.  so of course i voted for him.  why can’t they all make no promises, just to work hard?

on to the national scene…i want jim mcdermott out.  the man has been in the house since 1988.  his statement doesn’t list anything that he’s managed to accomplish in his 20+ years in congress, and since i’m not the type of voter who’s inclined to spend a lot of my free time researching these sorts of things, i voted for his opponent, who had one clear agenda-the environment.  that would be his focus.  great.  i’m willing to vote for anyone who will spend 2 years working toward a single goal.  i doubt he’ll knock mcdermott out of office, but it’s the thought that counts.

then there’s the ugly race between senator patty murry and her republican challenger dino rossi.  this is almost laughable, with the amount of mud slinging they’ve engaged in.  and if it were anyone else, i might give some consideration to voting murry out of office.  yes, she’s a workhorse, and she works tirelessly on our state’s behalf, but if you look at what she’s done vs our other senator, maria cantwell, cantwell has done far more (and she’s only been in office since i think 1998).

see, dino rossi is a perennial candidate and perennial loser.  he left his position as a state senator in 2003 to run against then-AG chris gregoire for governor (gregoire won, barely).  when she was up for re-election, he ran against her again (she won, by a much larger margin this time).  now he’s running for us senate.  apparently rossi’s got a big ego.  i think he’s in rep. dave reichart’s district, but he doesn’t run against him.  he should.  he could easily defeat him.

anyway, my hope is that murry will manage to eak out a win over rossi, and that he’ll learn his lesson and stop running for high profile office, because he just can’t win.  although he’ll probably show up again, to run against sen. cantwell when she’s up for re-election.  she’ll beat him, though, handily.

i was also hoping that matt taibbi might have some fun and pointed insights on this season, but he hasn’t posted anything recently on taibblog.  i can’t wait to see what stewart and colbert will have to say once the elections are over.  now that’s when the fun will begin.

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