gone (mostly) quiet

my week of internet freedom is over.  for the most part, i would say i succeeded.  not hopping on the web while at home was remarkably easy, as i knew it would be.  staying off it on my phone didn’t prove too difficult either.  work, though…work’s another story.

here’s a few things i learned over the course of the week:

  • of the 93 emails i received at my personal email address, 4 were from actual people.
  • the black keys may be just about the most awesome band to come along this decade.
  • i need a new job.

monday, i managed to make it until about 2pm without surfing.  by then, i’d managed to accomplish quite a bit, but my brain needed a break.  so i headed on over to after i quit my day job, and found out she’d managed to snag date # 30.  of course, in true kat style, she drew it out so the identity of date # 30 wasn’t revealed until 2 days later (fyi, it was date #17, who sounds like a perfectly unattainable example of what you’d love to get from online dating only never quite achieve it.  lucky girl).  this meant i would need to check back daily to keep up on what went on.

so then i allowed myself little breaks.  still no personal email checking, no facebooking, no online shopping perusing.  just five minutes at a time to check a blog here and there.  so sort of an experiment fail.

however, i’m going to call the overall experience a success.  why?  because i did manage to:

  1. work on the manuscript for vanishing (okay, not a whole lot, but i did get one more day done!)
  2. get a shit-ton of work done
  3. write most of a short story
  4. finish one reading assignment and most of another

what became clear was that i do need to give serious consideration to starting a job hunt.  this is not something  i look forward to.  i hate it with a passion.  before i landed my current job, i looked, off and on, for almost three years, the last year of which was almost solid job hunting.  not pleasant, and i can’t tell you the number of times i wanted to give up.  and i’d promised myself that i’d earn my CEBS first, THEN look for a new job.

i don’t mind my job.  i don’t enjoy it, that’s for sure, and some days i don’t even like it at all.  i do love the people i work with, and i’ll be sad to leave them.  but it’s become repetitive to the point where most times i do tasks by rote.  and then i make mistakes because i’m not paying attention.  while i realize that all jobs will have some variance of repetition, i want it to be challenging.  most of all, i need to get way from customer service.  yes, i anticipate my next job will require some manner of customer service skill-sets, but it won’t be the focus.

so.  despite the crappy-ass economy, i’ll be pulling out my trusty resume and cover letter and begin, again, to flood the inboxes of the hiring managers.  yippee.

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