das experiment

so i’ve decided to give this a shot.  starting tomorrow, i will attempt to make it an entire week without going on the internet.  actually, that should read “as little as possible”.

see, my job pretty much relies on internet connectivity.  we email each other, even if it’s only about 100 feet to walk over to the next desk.  we email our vendors and our clients rather than call them.  we look up information using proprietary websites and engines, and occasionally look up words, definitions, and other random bits of information in our pursuit of providing an excellent service.

but not all of the web surfing is work related.  there have even been studies conducted that conclude that overlooking a little bit of surfing by your average worker actually results in a happier more productive workplace.  i have no idea if that’s actually true, but it doesn’t matter all that much to me.

anyway, because of this, i’ll have to set some parameters.  starting tomorrow, i will not log on to the web for any personal reason.  this means no personal email, no facebook, no blog, no news headlines.  if i want to go to the movies tomorrow, i’ll actually have to buy the sunday times and look up movie times (or i could just cheat and look it up today).  if i want to read the paper, i’ll have to walk down two floors and read the one in the break room.  if i need to get in touch with a friend, i’ll call her.  unfortunately, this means no updates to vanishing for an entire week, but since i’ve been in a bit of a creative slump of late, maybe that will help.  i can still work on the actual manuscript part, just not the blog.

i don’t anticipate this being too difficult at home.  after all, most times i have to actually force myself to turn on my laptop anyway.  the real challenge will be at work.  will i actually be able to only limit myself to work related sites?    we’ll have to see.

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