the bane of teh interwebs

today at work our servers went down.  our office was pretty much paralyzed for about an hour.  no one could access the internet or any of our drives.

i’d been thinking, somewhat idly, what an internet-free existence might be like.  i wonder if it’s even possible.  actually, i know it is; all you have to do is move to the middle of nowhere.  i guess the better question to ponder is in today’s business world, is it possible to have an internet-free existence?

i’d guess the answer would be no.   obviously, based on what happened at work today.  what it really makes you wonder about is if it’s possible to conduct business without the internet intruding.  i don’t think it is.

think about how much time you spend at work wasting time on the internet.  perusing the headlines of the new york times online?  facebooking?  constantly checking email?  yup, time sucks, one and all.

i believe i might try an experiment next week.  i’ll try an internet-free life for one week (seven whole days!) and see what happens.  if i decide to do this, i’ll make another post on saturday with what my…lets call them parameters are.  obviously, it won’t be completely devoid of the web.  but it’ll be as close as i can get it.

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