curse you and your sense of entitlement

it’s sort of gotten lost in the shuffle, what with all eyes on chile and their triumph over the mining disaster, but france is in danger of coming to a standstill.  president sarkozy wants to push through a reform that raises the state retirement age to 62 (i think) up from 60.  this has the general public up in arms, to the point where refinery workers are chaining the doors closed and people are protesting in the streets, in major cities all over the country.

personally, i think the french public are being fucking ridiculous.  maybe it’s just where i’m coming from-our normal retirement age is now 67, and there are multitudes that can’t afford to retire until much later.  maybe it’s because of my job, where i hear numerous complaints about how so-and-so put in so many years for the company, and this is how they reward me for my service?!

as an outsider, it seems obvious: what the french don’t see (or choose not to see) is that if something isn’t done to reform their retirement system, NO ONE will be getting state retirement funds.  this is exactly what i want to say sometimes to those callers; well, the alternative is for them is to go out of business which means, oh hey, you lose your benefits entirely.  STFU.  seriously.

i thought that the entitlement phenomenon was special to the US.  after all, our nation is notorious for working harder than almost anyone (except maybe the japanese) so we feel that we’re owed all of these benefits for our hard work (or not so hard work).  europeans are known for taking the month of august off and not working more than 35 hours a week.  do they not realize just how easy they’ve got it?  it makes me want to bash in their heads, and then run off with their pensions.  maybe then they’ll realize they were whining over nothing.

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