x o x o, gossip girl

this is the topic i was really going to write about before the jeep broadsided my little matrix: gossiping.  specifically, women and gossiping.  i was recently at a party-like gathering that involved some friends from work.  i enjoy the company of these people, i really do.  probably the biggest reason i have yet to seriously look for a different job is because of the people i work with now.  they are that kick-ass.  i love them.

anyway, the conversation eventually turned to several other people we work with who were not present.  some nice, some not so nice, comments were made about these people, and i just have to wonder, why the hell do women feel the need to talk about others behind their collective backs?  is it a self-esteem thing?  i admit to engaging in it myself, although not as much as i did when i was younger.  and the people that the others had not so nice things to say about, i had completely different opinions on them.  to me, they were generally nice, sometimes annoying, sometimes amusing, people.

i asked my boyfriend about this phenomenon a little while ago, while he was trying to watch the redskins/packers game (the seahawks have a bye this week).  he confirmed what i already thought: for the most part, men don’t do this.  he says that there’s only one other guy that they might talk about in this manner, but that’s only because it’s generally accepted amongst them that he’s a douche (i’ve met him, he really is kind of a douche).

so what to do in this situation?  it doesn’t make me uncomfortable…well, actually, in this last instance, it did, but it pertained to a specific person, but the others, nah, not so much.  it’s interesting to me to see what others think of people, because obviously we have differing views on them.  so, do i speak up and say hey, please don’t do this kind of stuff around me?  do i change the subject?  or do i sit quietly, but still listen, so i might satisfy my curiosity?  because i am curious.

right now, though, what i am is sore, and my left arm is still numb-it makes typing a little hard.  so much for working on vanishing today.

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