strange thing, being broadsided…

car accidents are strange things.  they way they affect people differently would make for an interesting study.  take, for instance, myself.  i was actually in one this morning (so far, i’m okay, but expect to be bruised and sore).  my boyfriend is actually more shaken up by it than i am, whereas my immediate concern was how the hell we were going to pay for the repairs and whether the other driver intended to sue.  and he wasn’t even in the accident!

see, our house is the only one with a driveway on our block.  at least, we’re the only ones that USE our driveway (which is shared with our neighbor, who also uses it).  the great city of seattle has not provided our block with any signs or markings indicating that cars should not park too close to the driveway entrance or that there are driveways in use and to look out for turning cars.  at any rate, neither party was injured, at least not seriously, and while our car will need to be repaired (it’s currently not in any condition to be driven) we are lucky enough that my parents live nearby and can loan a car to us.

so our plans for this evening have been canceled, our plans for tomorrow have been canceled, and i feel a little shaky and sore, but i can’t tell if it’s from my cold or the accident.  my left arm is feeling oddly numb-ish (i was hit on the driver’s side) but thank heavens for seat belts.

on to the cold…according to my sister, who is a peds nurse, it’s entirely possible that i’ve become immune to the milder cold viruses, which is why the more severe ones are attacking me.  or it could be the flu.  whatever it is, i felt okay this morning.  more congestion in my chest than my head, but i felt like a frickin’ brick was sitting on the bridge of my nose.  felt awake, too, but now i feel like i want a nap.  i may take a nap, shortly, after my parents stop by.  immediately after th accident, there was a throbbing in my head, but i told the fire fighter who checked me out that i couldn’t tell if it was from my cold or the accident.  it felt, and still feels, like the sort of sinus pressure you get from colds and the like.

last, the chilean miners.  hooray!  it’s so exciting that they may start surfacing as early as TUESDAY!!! this is a much better estimate than the original of christmas time.  i just hope that the speed at which they’ve been working hasn’t compromised the integrity of the rescue shaft.  because, you know, that would kind of suck.  hardcore.

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