*sniff, sniff* and the nobel prize

when i was younger, colds never slowed me down.  i’d get them, suck down some dayquil, and trot off to school.  i might skip out on work after school, or practice, but that whole school day?  yup, i’d be there.  strangely, when i got to college, it was pretty much the same deal, but i think it was easier because the school day was so broken up.

then i entered the working world.  and i don’t know if cold viruses have metamorphized into some sort of super virus or if i’m just not as tolerant, but colds now put me down for the count.  take my current cold.  i began feeling the effects on tuesday, and left work an hour early.  yesterday, i made it in at noon and lasted until about 3:15 (and then high-tailed it to bed around 8pm).  today?  day two of full fledge cold-ness is always the worst.  today, the alarm went off at its usual ungodly hour of 5:10am.  rather than hitting the snooze button, i hit the off button, and woke again at 7am.  i contemplated staying in bed, but since 7am is when i’m supposed to actually be at work, i got up, called in sick, made breakfast.  oh yes, and the nighttime cold medicine that i’ve sworn by for the last two years? (tylenol, fyi) crapped out after 4 hours.  normally i’d sleep through the night.  last night i woke up at midnight barely able to breathe.

then i went back to bed a little before 9am, slept for another two hours, and then got up, showered, and watched some tv.  the possibility that this scene will replay itself tomorrow doesn’t make me all that happy for a number of reasons.  1) this is the worst possible week at work to get sick.  too much to do, not sure who could do it in my absence, and i don’t want to have to go in on the weekend to complete it.  2) i need to get to the central library to pick up a few books, and again, don’t want to do it on the weekend.  3) i have a PT appointment already scheduled for after work, although i suppose i could reschedule.  and finally, 4) i feel really stupid for wasting my PTO on something as minor as a cold.

i’d made a sort-of promise to myself over the summer that from now on, i wasn’t going to use my PTO for dumb little things like over sleeping, coming down with a cold, and the like.  i was going to soldier through it and only use it when i needed to leave early for an appointment or for an actual vacation.  i was really looking forward to april, knowing that i’d have almost TWO WEEKS of PTO saved up.  and for fuck’s sake, i used to go to the gym when i had a cold!  granted, i didn’t do a hard work out (most times i’d barely break a sweat) and i certainly wouldn’t go to bed any earlier or oversleep.

but now…now i feel like i could sleep for the entire day and still go to bed at 7:30 and wake up the next morning, 12 hours later, and still be tired.  i feel like a fucking weakling.  if this is what getting older is all about, it totally sucks.

in other news, mario vargas llosa just won the nobel prize for literature.  i’m of two minds of this.  i’ve read one of his novels (the bad girl) and am currently reading another (the real life of alejandro mayta).  his writing reminds me of gabriel garcia marquez, and not in a good way.  on the other hand, i read his work and i had to wonder why he hadn’t already one the prize.  it’s really the sort of stuff the academy looks for.

anyway, i’m taking myself back to my couch, where i may try to be sort of productive (in reading some of the material for CEBS exam number 7) or i may just watch sleeping beauty.  or nap.  napping sounds real good right about now.

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