man about town

instead of staying home with the boyfriend to watch the seahawks lose (badly) to division rivals the st. louis rams, i took myself off to the movie theatre.  on weekends, pacific place (an AMC theatre) offers a few movies at times starting before 11:30.   and they’re only $6 to get in.

so.  the town.  it was most awesome.  ben affleck has taken a lot of shit over the years, but lately he’s been showing the talent that won him a screenwriting oscar.  affleck starred and directed in this film, which is the second movie he’s directed (the first was gone baby, gone, also most awesome).  did you know that a neighborhood in boston, called charlestown, has produced more bank robbers and armored car thieves than any other?  not the sort of notoriety one would look for.  anyway, four guys, friends since childhood, knock off a bank and take the bank manager hostage.  they let her go unharmed, but doug (affleck) feels the need to follow up with her, make sure she doesn’t know anything that could turn them over to the feds.  a few more dates, bank robberies, car chases, and gun battles later, we arrive at the end of the town.  sure, there was a lot more than that, but that’s the gist of it.

and the gist is that it’s well worth seeing.  the performances were solid and nuanced, and while it had a sort-of happy ending, it wasn’t an all out happy ending, with the bad guys reforming and shaking hands with the lawmen, and everyone becoming upstanding citizens.  affleck proved once again that he knows what to do behind a camera, and that he can even direct himself into a high-caliber performance that could make everyone forget about gigli.  well, almost.  he might need another few years and another few movies under his belt before people will forget that debacle.  and it was fun seeing the random boston landmarks that popped up (such as the arial shot of the old north church) and the odd cameo appearance (victor garber, affleck’s wife’s former alias castmate and close friend, plays the assistant bank manager).

anyway.   the town.  see it.  you can thank me later.

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